Sex Toys for Zoos

Nothing beats the real thing, but there's no reason not to spice up your solo (or human!) love sessions

NOTE: While most animal-themed sex toys are simple dildos, there are also toys for men or couples, such as the Cerberus and Pegasus sheaths and the strokers from Bad Dragon, which come in canine, equine, or dragon designs.
FetishZone Toys has a wide variety of toys Zoos may appreciate- their company produces some of them (sheaths, dildos, pet play tails, etc) and others are on-stock or orderable from other companies (dildos, hoods, horsie hoof shoes). Anything ordered from FetishZone that is listed as being in stock usually arrives in just a few days- they ship out almost immediately.

Read the product page to be sure. If it says in stock they should ship out right away. If it says made to order then you could have to wait longer, but anything FetishZone has on hand will normally come to you sooner than toys from any other company.

Doberman Guy wearing a Dog Hood and Cerberus Sheath

Cerberus Sheath comes in several colors, two of which glow in the dark

Pegasus is currently available only in black


The Pegasus and Cerberus sheaths are made to be used with a partner- the man slides his penis into the shaft and puts his balls through the loop to hold it all secure- men can wear them for jerking off (which FetishZone provides a video of) or they can be used to have sex with a partner.

For women who love the knot but want to use it alone, you can either buy their ‘Sheath Adapter’ which slides inside and makes the toy firm enough to use as a dildo, or you can put it over your favorite vibrator for a more intense session.

Sebastian the Fox dildos are canine-shaped and come in a smaller or larger size. Small is great for beginners but will probably not be large enough to satisfy someone used to medium or large canines. It is, however, great for someone who has never felt a knot before to get used to the sensation. My Sebastian is size Large.

FetishZone’s XTube has some videos of their cerberus and puppy tail plugs in use –




ElypseArt Toys makes some of the most beautiful canine dildos available, and is also the only company making toys with inflatable knots. Each and every toy that goes out looks slightly different due to their coloring process, and you can order Dark, Light, or Bold. Toys in Bold have the highest contrast- dark and light, and they are my personal favorite.

Their most popular toys are the canines, and they come in four sizes- two longer ones 7+ inches which will be too long for most people to use vaginally, and two shorter models which may appeal to women more.

ElypseArt does make squirting canine toys which will shoot cum, but they are special order only so you need to contact the company and ask whether they are currently taking orders on those ones.

Vixen, Magic, Neo, and Uni

ElypseArt also makes Equinox, a squirting inflatable horse. This is one large toy, with over 10 inches of insertable length!

On the left, uninflated. On the right, inflated.

ElypseArt toys are somewhat softer and more flexibly than other brands, which can make them more comfortable to use but this means that if using them with a harness you will probably need to use at least one hand to guide the toy for riding.




Bad Dragon Toys makes the most customizeable toys on the market- and they are also the ONLY sex toy company making animal-themed strokers for men!

Anthro Husky, Dragoness, and Mare
With Bad Dragon’s line of dildos, not only are there many species to choose from (canines, equines, gryphons, dragons, dolphins, etc) most of the toys come in 3 or 4 different sizes, so there will be one to fit your body.

Large, Medium, and Small Seadragon

If all that wasn’t enough you can also get your toys with special features, like suction cups and cum tubes.
Exotic Erotics is another great site. They specialize in life-cast toys molded from actual penises and including every little detail. Most of their toys have natural coloring options and their horses are especially impressive. They also have canine toys as well as elephant trunks, orcas, and fantasy animals.

An assortment of toys from Exotic Erotics

They are also the makers of the only double-ended animal toy, based on a horse named Silver. Looking around the site you will see photographs of the horses who the life casts are made from.


ZooFur Toys has what may very well be the widest variety of animal dildos anywhere. They have many species, and many different shapes and varities among species. Currently their largest collections are canine and equine, but they are working to add variety to others as well.

A word of warning- there is currently a MASSIVE backlog. People are waiting months and months for their toys because so very many orders have been made. The site owner is working on solving this and getting toys made as fast as he can, but if you want to see your toys before Easter then you need to go to a different company for now.

Micro Rider, Lucas the Pony, Oskar the Horse


Oxballs Toys doesn’t specialize in animal toys- they have a bit of everything. But one toy in particular really stands out to me- Rex, which is modeled after a dog’s paw and foreleg. I remember a few years ago Dog Paw Fisting was advertised on some bestiality sites and seemed like it was the hot new thing- never really picked up but boy do I remember looking through the free tours to those sites.

FurryStyle Toys has a wide variety of features to their toys. Most of them are either canine or equine, but they have ejaculating toys, vibrating toys, and the only canine toy anywhere with a fake baculum inside so that you can actually feel the bone as you’re getting, well- boned.

They also have an ‘X-Rector Set’ which allows you to take certain toys and create double ended dongs, use a suction cup, a strapon, or even screw them in to a surface for secure keeping. Basically you attach a flat black square, and if you want to secure one of the X Rector toys to it you pop them on and suction will keep them there until you pull them off.

Variety Pack for all your X Rector needs

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  1. Jellyfish says:

    WOW Lexi,

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  2. LexxiStray says:

    You’re welcome :)

  3. dingo says:

    Would like to know how much lucus the pony or pegusas costs??
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  4. LexxiStray says:

    The Lucas with suction cup is 60$

    The Pegasus is 79.69$

  5. Niu says:

    Do you know of anywhere with catlike ones? Apart from ZooFur, because I’m having a bad experience with them.

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    how much is the Anthro Husky, Dragoness, and Mare and also if there is another place they sell those.

  7. LexxiStray says:

    @Mit; They female-animal pussy toys are 125$ each and they only come from Bad Dragon, nowhere else sells anything like them yet.

    @Niu; Yes, now Bad Dragon makes a cat toy (the Liger) and I am sure you will find that company easier to work with as you get your toy anywhere from a week to two months at the most, while ZooFur can take over a year which is way too long.

  8. We’ve also got a number of inexpensive animal dildos at Angel’s Sex Toys. Check out a selection of our animal-based toys! :)

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