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Love At First Bite (Story by JuicyBrucie)

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Here’s a story written by my friend JuicyBrucie from BeastForum. For those who don’t recall, he’s also the guy who translates the awesome Japanese comics for us! I really liked this one and I think that you will too, especially if you like the idea of a vampire with a dog. Check it out and let me know what you guys think!


Big thank you to Brucie for not only sharing this with me but also letting me post it here for all of you to read as well! <3




The small nightclub was on a street corner in a sleepy suburban town. Not much to look at on most nights, but Wednesdays were “Ladies Nights” and it had double the usual number of people there, with the accompanying bustle and music.


Marcus was a regular there at the nightclub, and never missed Wednesday nights. His well-groomed blonde hair and closely clipped goatee were set off by the dark sunglasses he wore. He was blind, and was always accompanied by his seeing eye dog, Draco, a gentle-looking but otherwise imposing large black Mastiff. The bartender always reserved a corner stool at the bar for Marcus and Draco, where they could be among the crowd and yet not be in the way of all the people coming and going. He kept Marcus well stocked with drinks, and provided salami slices and doggie biscuits to his dog from time to time.


But Marcus was not just a regular customer. He was well-known by the nightclub owner and the bartender for his uncanny way of heading home with a different woman each Wednesday night. No one could put their finger on it, but there was just something about Marcus that the chicks just loved. It wasn’t merely his good looks, or his cool dog….something else that was enchanting about him.


Sipping on a Margarita, with his dog quietly sitting beside his stool, Marcus was keeping to himself, yet he was quietly on the hunt, listening carefully to the voices of the other patrons at the bar and the nightclub. Most of the people there would politely ignore him, but occasionally a woman might saunter by and strike up a brief conversation with him while she was ordering drinks from the bar. Sometimes, a woman might flirt with him and try to hit him up for a drink or try to start a conversation, but he would politely give her the cold shoulder, and let her know he wasn’t interested. Marcus was choosy, after all — not just ANY woman would do, he told himself. She would have to be someone who could fill his nightly hunger.


That was because, unbeknownst to anyone else around him, Marcus was a vampire. Stalking for prey each night. He and his dog were partners.


The other people at the nightclub could not tell, unless they touched his arm and felt how cold his body was. There was no mirror nearby in the bar, either, for someone to notice that Marcus didn’t cast a reflection. But feeding was not his only purpose for coming here; he also desired a lover. Over the past several months that Marcus became a regular patron here, he had left with many women, who would never return again. But all of those were just “food” for him. Tonight was different. He desired a lover in addition to a meal. Someone whom he could entwine with him for eternity.


As Marcus listened intently with his dog seated quietly beside his stool, he noticed two women’s voices talking and laughing loudly at a nearby booth. Marcus focused his keen ears intensely upon their voices, sensing their liveliness, their life force, their aura. So intoxicating to him, drawing his attention like the scent of a perfume.


“Yes,” he thought to himself, “One of them in particular sounds most delicious…. something about her sounds so sweet and naïve, so innocent, that I feel more than a simple blood lust for her.”


Marcus reached down to pet his seeing eye dog, and indicated to Draco that he wanted to be taken over to the two women. Draco, knowing the drill, got up and led his master slowly over to the two women at their booth.


Marcus came over to the two women and introduced himself “Hi there, I haven’t seen you here before…” he said, smiling at the pun since he was blind. “I’m Marcus, and this is my buddy, Draco…what are your names?”


The two women looked up at Marcus, somewhat taken aback that a blind man with his seeing eye dog were there trying to hit on them, but they liked what they saw instantly.


The woman closest to Marcus said, “Oh, uh, hi there….My name’s Tammy…” and she offered her hand to shake his. They shook hands, and Tammy marveled that Marcus’s hands felt very cold, but she didn’t make any comment about it, and she invited him and his dog to join them and sit down with her and her co-worker, Erika. They chatted for a few minutes, and Erika could soon see that Tammy had eyes only for Marcus, so she made an excuse that she saw an acquaintance across the bar, and got up to leave Tammy alone with Marcus, winking encouragingly at Tammy behind Marcus’s back and giving Tammy a thumbs’-up sign.


Tammy took an instant liking to Marcus and his dog, Draco. Draco, for his part, worked his way into Tammy’s good graces by wagging his tail and looking at Tammy with his big brown eyes. He rested his wrinkled muzzle adoringly on Tammy’s skirt, with his eyes pleading upward to her to pet him. Tammy found Draco’s eyes to be gentle to gaze into….almost hypnotic. There was something about looking into the dog’s eyes that made Tammy ignore all the lights and sounds all around her at the nightclub. It was like the dog’s gaze locked her in. She was becoming mesmerized.


“You know, my place isn’t far from here…” Marcus suggested, tilting his head and giving Tammy a coy sideways smile. “Would you like to get away from all the noise here so we can talk more?” Tammy, her heart thumping hard in her chest, eagerly agreed. This man seemed to Tammy to be like something out of a dream. There was an alluring glow about him that was intoxicating.


Marcus’s heightened senses also picked up on Tammy’s excitement. He could sense that her heart was racing, and he seemed pleased to have found such a perfect match for what he was looking for.


They got up and, arm in arm, left the nightclub together, with Draco accompanying them, wagging his tail and panting happily. The bartender looked on enviously at Marcus picking up someone new tonight. Marcus and Tammy walked the several blocks from the nightclub to his apartment, talking and laughing all the way. Marcus relished the warmth of Tammy’s body rubbing up against him, stirring his vampire lust for drinking all that warmth into himself later tonight.


Draco also sensed a vitality and an aroma of life about this woman, and he was quietly sniffing at her butt and her skirt hem all the way back to the apartment. His tail wagging faster now as they neared home.


By the time Tammy and Marcus reached the door of his apartment, Tammy was playfully hugging Marcus from behind, smelling his cologne, as Marcus got his keys out and opened the door. He turned around, took off his sunglasses to reveal his milky brown eyes which locked their gaze on Tammy’s eyes. “But I thought….you….aren’t you blind?” Tammy stammered shyly. Marcus only smiled, as he kept his hypnotizing gaze on Tammy’s eyes, and he reached up and slipped his fingers down the front of Tammy’s blouse, gently pulling her, transfixed, into his apartment while licking his lips and smiling at her.


Draco the dog followed….He knew what was coming. It would be the usual erotic feast for him and his master. He licked his chops and began to drool as he entered through the door with his tail wagging behind him.


Tammy just couldn’t get over how “hooked” she felt, staring into Marcus’s blind eyes…..or WERE they blind, after all? She couldn’t really tell. His eyes seemed dull and lifeless, yet they seemed to look right through her…..His eyes would stare blankly one moment, and them seem to be searching her eyes intently, with a hidden light inside, a certain vitality to them, that she didn’t expect. She almost felt like being in a daydream.


Marcus offered Tammy a drink. Tammy said that actually she never drank alcoholic beverages, but preferred a soda instead…. “Hmm,” Marcus thought to himself as he turned away from Tammy to head for the refrigerator, “so she doesn’t drink? Her blood will taste so much sweeter, then….”


Tammy, temporarily shaking her head from the soothing daydream fog she was experiencing after Marcus’s eyes turned away to go to the refrigerator, glanced around his apartment. It was rather sparse, with little furniture or even a TV. “So you don’t have a TV?” Tammy asked…Then she winced, wondering how insensitive it was to presume that a blind man would have a TV. Marcus snickered and jokingly replied, “No, I usually don’t have time to watch on most evenings anyway…I work nights…”


Marcus bent over to feel around in the refrigerator, and Tammy could see that his buns were shapely and round, and her heartbeat quickened at the sight of this. Draco the dog came up and licked Tammy’s hand, breaking her momentary fixation on Marcus’s butt. She looked into Draco’s eyes….they seemed to have that same hypnotic quality as Marcus’s eyes. What was going on here, she wondered to herself. The dog nuzzled his head against her leg, imploring her to pet him some more, which she did.


Marcus returned with a Ginger Ale, and proffered it to Tammy with a smile. Tammy, not taking her eyes off Draco’s pleading face, accepted the soda and said, turning to Marcus, “Uh, where can we sit?”


Marcus smiled, stroked Tammy’s cheek and neck, and said, “come to my bedroom, we can sit there….” And then he once again slid his hand down Tammy’s chest to gently pull her by the front of her blouse into his bedroom, followed by Draco, sniffing at her heels. Tammy, like an innocent sheep going unknowingly to the slaughter, went meekly and obediently into the bedroom with Marcus, spellbound under his eyes, which hypnotized her deeper. She dropped her unopened soda can onto the floor as she walked on, lost in thought.


Entering the bedroom, Tammy noticed that Marcus had spared no expense to decorate and furnish it. A large round-shaped bed dominated the center of the room, covered in blood-red satin, which shimmered in the dim candlelight. Paintings of dogs hung here and there around the walls, some in curious poses, all of them portrayed as strong and noble-looking. Mirrors were also positioned all around the walls. Tammy could smell incense and soft music, her ears caressed by a seductive song sung in an ancient, foreign language by a woman with an otherworldly voice, a song that seemed to faintly suggest submission and surrender.


Marcus and Draco together led Tammy to one side of the bed, and Tammy, her eyes still transfixed upon Marcus’s milky stare, did not notice that Marcus’s image could not be reflected in the mirrors…only Tammy’s was there, staring at someone who wasn’t there.


“Come my love, I have prepared my bed for you,” Marcus said to Tammy, stroking her cheek, his voice soft and soothing, the words dripping off his lips like wine, “I have luxurious satin sheets, soft pillows, aromatic incense from India, and my evening is free so I can be ALL yours….Let us take our fill of love until the morning, darling….I want you so much….”


Draco started to lick Tammy’s feet and calves, looking up at her and his master, as he continued to sweet-talk her.


Keeping her gaze on Marcus’s cold eyes, Tammy slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing that she was bra-less, and gently pulled Marcus’s head down upon her heaving bosom, encouraging him to kiss her breasts and bury his cold face in her warm cleavage. Draco, for his part, started sniffling noisily between Tammy’s knees, sensing an aroma of arousal from further up between her legs.


Tammy, now fully under Marcus’s seductive powers, hardly noticed that those smooth lips of his, kissing so softly and gently upon her breasts, were cold as ice, as she entered into a vampire’s embrace of death awaiting her. But she was too far gone under her seducer’s spell to notice. She also felt a wicked delight at the sensation the dog was causing between her legs, as Draco’s warm snorts and hot breath worked their way up her skirt, causing her hips to flinch and her butt to bump upward under the force of the dog’s snout pushing up under her skirt. She started feeling weak in the knees.


Tammy cooed and moaned appreciatively as Marcus kissed and fondled her breasts, kissing them softly, touching her nipples. Marcus began to kneel down, licking and kissing Tammy’s tummy and navel, as Tammy stood over him, holding his head closer to herself.


Tammy opened her eyes momentarily to look down upon Draco the dog, who had removed his muzzle from under her skirt, and was drooling and wagging his tail, looking steadfastly upon her. He had a hungry look in his eyes now. She closed her eyes again and let herself succumb to the swirling dizziness of Marcus’s spell….


Marcus’s eyes closed, and as he held his cheek against Tammy’s trembling belly, he took in the warmth of Tammy’s embrace, anticipating the delicious vitality of the living that would soon be inside himself. Marcus always enjoyed “playing with his prey” before settling down to feed. It always added some spice to the meal for him. His hands slid down to slip off Tammy’s miniskirt, and her panties, and Tammy worked off Marcus’s shirt. Draco came back again from behind Tammy’s butt, slipping his nose and tongue to examine the warmth between her thighs. Tammy felt her knees buckle again under the intense sensation, but she managed to stay standing.


Tammy began panting softly as Marcus slid his cold hands down upon her pussy, now wetting up. “This woman is mine now,” thought Marcus, “She will be a fine meal and I will make her my lover forever…” His finger glided lightly across her pouting pussy folds from the front, and Draco’s long slobbery tongue reached across to tantalize from behind. Marcus kissed upon Tammy’s pelvis as he squeezed her inner thighs.


Still kneeling before Tammy, Marcus helped her sit back onto the bed and lay her upon her back, as he began licking and kissing her pussy. Draco continued to lick at Tammy’s feet and legs, dangling over the edge of the bed. Tammy squirmed with ticklishness.


Marcus slid his hands along Tammy’s arms to feel her soft, silky skin, feel the tone of the muscles in her shoulders and neck, which he would soon be feeding upon. Marcus could feel the living woman’s pulse beating hard and strong between her plump breasts. A living heart that excited him….which would soon serve up its feast to him.


Tammy, lying on her back, could not see Marcus’s face smiling silently in pleasure, nor could she see his fangs start to appear, as his vampire blood lust welled up in him, his vicious mouth just inches from her soft skin….


Tammy pulled Marcus further up onto her to kiss him, and they rolled together upon the satin sheets, with Marcus smiling wickedly as he began unzipping his trousers and sliding Tammy’s fingers over his stiffening cold penis. Marcus was looking forward to this, bringing his dick up hard, so he could feel her warmth from deep inside her when they joined. He wanted to steal her warmth away into his own body in more ways than one.


Falling deeper and deeper under his spell, Tammy slid down the bed and gave Marcus some head, licking and sucking him hard, her fingernails digging into his thigh and pelvis as she worked. A drop of dark blood came out at one of her fingernails where she dug her finger in too deep, and Tammy stopped to lap it up, and resumed her blowjob. The fact that his undead dick was like sucking on a frozen popsicle didn’t occur to Tammy, as she hungrily worked on him. Marcus cummed easily under her expert work, and she drunk his ice cold jism in deeply, swallowing and licking her lips for more, squeezing on his shaft and balls to milk more of his love juice up to her lips..


Draco, seeing Tammy bend over his master, revealing her prink pouty love petals, saw his chance, too. He licked her sopping wet pussy from behind, making Tammy arch her back and moan with ecstacy. Tammy momentarily stopped pumping on Marcus’s dick to look back at the large Mastiff so intently licking up her love juices, and she smiled dreamily and returned her attention to drinking the last bitter drops of Marcus’s ice-cold cumm.


In time, Tammy pulled her hips up to straddle over Marcus’s still stiff throbbing penis and plunged it deep within her wet greedy vagina. Marcus’s staff began to absorb her body heat from within, as she plunged up and down harder and harder, trying to reach her own orgasm. Marcus loved this part of the entrapment, slowly drinking the warmth away from his victim from deep within her. He reached up to fondle her plump breasts, which dangled deliciously above him. Tammy grabbed his cold hands to press them upon her tits even harder, as she felt her orgasm punch up though her around his ice cold staff.


Draco persistently licked at the base of Marcus’s penis to get at the warm juices flowing so copiously down from Tammy’s quivering pussy lips.


Tammy eventually pulled herself off Marcus, and stayed on her hands and knees “doggie style” on the bed next to him, panting, and dripping with sweat. Draco swung around and mounted her immediately, slipping in his large meat into Tammy as she gasped and struggled to breathe from the hard thrusts from behind her.


Draco unloaded his hot cum deep inside Tammy, and she could feel his solid meat pulsing inside of her and his juices splashing around her stretched pussy. She fell forward and buried her face into the satin sheets to let out another strained squeal as Draco continued to hammer her hard from behind, drooling with a wide grin on his quivering, droopy jowls. Draco liked to show his dominance over his bitches, and he often humped them down, down, down onto the ground with his relentless thrusting and humping.


Holding Tammy’s hips squarely against his thrusting loins, Draco continued to pound Tammy into submission. Tammy could only whimper in between gasps and moans as she had to let the dog have his way with her. She could not resist, only try to endure until the dog was spent. He was thrusting so hard into her that she was starting to see stars and little white spots before her eyes.


After a while, Draco pulled out of her with snorts and noisy licking of his chops, dribbling his cumm in long stretchy lines that traced from Tammy’s pussy across the red satin sheets to his still rock hard dog prick. Tammy felt utterly exhausted, but very pleased with herself at the same time.


Satisfied that he got his playtime before meal time, Marcus now rolled Tammy over onto her back, and once again plunging his ice cold penis deeply inside Tammy’s sopping wet love folds, he stared into Tammy’s eyes deeply again. He wanted to make sure that his spell would be unbreakable as he prepared to feed upon her next. Tammy’s eyes, soft and dreamy, showed that she was completely under Marcus’s enchantment.


Draco looked on, whining softly, almost jealous to share his bitch with his master. But he knew that his master was going to feed upon her now, and he knew better than to interfere or protest. If he was lucky, maybe his master would be in a generous mood this time, and share some of his prey with him. He licked his drooping maw in anticipation, and he quietly watched his master swooning hungrily over Tammy.


With his prey rendered so helpless below him, Marcus opened his mouth to reveal his pearly white fangs. Tammy’s face turned to look up at him, and in her daydream state of mind, still enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm with this mysterious man and his ravenous dog, she smiled up at Marcus. She did not care what happened to herself now. She was all his. She turned her head to look over at Draco, and allow Marcus an easy bite.


Marcus, his bloodlust now at full strength, lowered himself, and slowly sank his teeth into Tammy’s shoulder and neck with great relish. Tammy squealed, but it was not a scream of pain, but utmost erotic pleasure….this erotic pleasure was something she had never felt before, and sadly, would never feel again in this life.


She opened her eyes, staring up at the mirror on the ceiling, and noticed for the first time that she could not see Marcus straddling upon her in the mirror’s reflection, all she could see was her naked body on the bed, with Draco standing nearby wagging his tail, seeing her shoulder being punctured, and trickles of her blood trailing down upon the satin sheets, leaving a small darker red pool upon them.


She closed her eyes in a sweet surrender, unable to resist or push away, feeling like her life was being slowly sucked from her body through Marcus’s hot mouth, which was making greedy slurping and sucking noises. Marcus, feeling Tammy’s strong heart forcing more blood into his mouth, continued his relentless feeding, his fingernails digging more and more into Tammy’s arms to hold her down. He could feel Tammy’s warm breaths growing weaker and weaker, and knew that he was slowly sucking her life away…He moved his hands to squeeze her breasts as he continued sucking at her shoulder and neck, as if by squeezing her breasts he could somehow make more blood flow up to where he was drinking. Tammy gasped with each squeeze of her breasts as the vampire lover fed on her. She could feel her strength melting into his hands with each squeeze, and he fondled her breasts and continued drinking from her neck and shoulder.


A few moments later, Marcus felt Tammy’s body slowly losing tension and resistance, and starting to relax. Marcus slipped off his blood-soaked mouth from Tammy’s neck and shoulder to sit up upon her and slowly pull out his cock and look her body over…His penis still pointed hard and cold like a gun at her navel, dribbling his ice-cold cumm upon her belly, as Tammy’s tummy rose and fell weakly with each weakening breathe she took. Draco came over and lapped up the cumm from his master’s penis and Tammy’s belly and looked up pleadingly at his master, hoping that Marcus would leave him some table crumbs from this obscene feast.


Marcus always enjoyed and took great erotic pleasure from taking his prey slowly and seductively, making them helpless and unable to resist, and slowly sucking and drawing power and warmth from them. He also enjoyed sharing his prey with his faithful dog partner, who did his doggie part as the “chick magnet” to attract women to him so Marcus could take them home, and to draw away the life force from their victims and work them into submission for his final killing bite.


But unlike past victims, he felt different about this woman, however. There was something he wanted to preserve in Tammy before she slipped away into nothingness, for he wanted Tammy as his lover for all eternity.


He leaned forward over Tammy’s relaxed, pale body, licking her hair, smelling her life before it ebbed away. With Tammy’s plump breasts and hard nipples resting tantalizingly before Marcus, Tammy sighed a tired, pleasant sigh, and her hands dropped from holding Marcus’s hips, and landed on the bed at either side of her body, which was slowly growing colder. Draco came over quietly and slowly licked on her nipples, her breasts swaying and jiggling like tubs of jello under the dog’s strong tongue, and Tammy smiled a weak smile at the loving attempt by the dog. Draco could sense that the woman would soon expire, and his tender and thoughtful licking of her body was like a parting farewell gift before she would slip away into oblivion.


Marcus licked his lips and fangs, still feeling his hard cock throbbing atop Tammy’s trembling tummy as he sat upon her hips, and he looked at Tammy’s satisfied face once more. Marcus then he bent over Tammy once again, to continue feeding from her body….quietly sinking his fangs into the soft, compliant flesh on the other side of her throat. Marcus knew that he would go slow, and would have several hours more with Tammy before she’d slip away in death….several more hours to slowly drink in her life little by little into his undead body, warming him from within.


Draco looked on jealously as his master fed once again upon his bitch. The woman’s outstretched hand twitched and convulsed a few times as it lay upon the satin sheets before the dog, and the dog licked the palm of the hand consolingly, comforting her, as her life slowly slipped away.


A few moments later, Marcus lifted his bloodstained mouth, and moved his hips to slide in his thick, icy cold and rock hard penis into Tammy’s almost lifeless snatch, which drippingly held onto his shaft with a death grip.


Marcus whistled to Draco to come closer to join them. The dog bounded over, making Tammy’s limp body flop around lightly upon the bed like a lifeless rag doll. The dog licked over Tammy’s soft, pale relaxed breasts and tummy, as his haunches straddled over her face. Marcus turned Tammy’s head gently to one side, as the Mastiff stood over her, his heavy red meat dangling like a thick misshapen sausage between his legs just inches from her panting mouth. Marcus lifted Tammy’s head so her pale lips could be placed upon the dog’s throbbing penis, feebly sucking and licking and tasting it.


The dog whined faintly as Tammy began to drink cumm from him like a calf suckling milk from its mother’s teat. His tail wagged appreciatively, as Marcus smiled upon the scene, continuing to hold Tammy’s head up a little so she could reach his dog’s love meat. Draco’s semen dripped warmly over Tammy’s pale cheeks as she continued to lick, and she regained enough strength to raise her hands to hold the dog’s penis lightly to her mouth as she worked upon him.


As the dog stood his ground over the woman, with her sucking intently upon him, Marcus now turned his attention further down to the woman’s loins. He admired her wet, glistening pussy, pale now, but still faintly warm with life. He lowered his head to bury his ravenous, bloodstained mouth and fangs deep amidst her love folds, licking up the sweet yet pungent juices still flowing there. He couldn’t resist taking another softer bite at her inner thigh to drink a little more blood from her, and she moaned with her mouth full of dog meat as Marcus’s sharp fangs sunk into her loins to feed from her again.


Tammy, still holding the dog’s thick shaft lovingly in her hands, chose a fleshy spot to nibble on feebly, as she let out another moan of pleasure mixed with pain at Marcus’s bite between her legs. Draco’s penis was so rich and plump with dark, rich blood, Tammy started to sense a blood lust rising deep within herself now, as she enjoyed lightly nibbling on and sucking the dog’s penis, as she squeezed Draco’s large heavy balls to encourage more of the dog’s thick love meat and his juices to be sucked into her soft mouth.


Draco the dog, his attention lost in the luxurious sensation of Tammy’s mouth sucking upon his dick, could feel the nibbles down below, and felt his warmth slowly ebbing away into Tammy’s mouth.


A few moments later, Marcus slowly arose from his feeding. He was deeply satisfied. It was one of the best meals he had ever had. There was something about this woman, different from other women he had taken before, which endeared him, which attracted him closer to her.


And there she lay upon Marcus’s bed, thoroughly spent. Pale from much of her blood being sucked from her body, she still wore that dreamy smile which Marcus put upon her when he first seduced her here.


Now, Marcus felt, he would finally make her his: He took one of Tammy’s long blood red fingernails, and pricked each of her nipples to draw small but steady tickles of her lukewarm blood, which oozed in a slow drip from her nipples down her breasts.


Marcus next gently pulled Draco’s  droopy muzzle down to one of Tammy’s breasts, to suckle on the bleeding nipple. The dog, first lapped at it with curiosity, and then pressed his mouth down into the breast, sucking on her bloody nipple noisily.


And Marcus turned to sink his fangs into the other plump breast, drinking in the mix of her salty blood mixed with her sweet milk, a tonic of love that would transform her to immortality like him, joining him to her forever as his chosen immortal lover.


Tammy gradually lost her strength again and dropped her head back from sucking on the dog’s penis, her mouth and checks shiny and slick with the dog’s love juices, which continued squirting down upon her cheeks, with her eyes half closed with a dreamy look on her face, while the dog and vampire feasted ravenously on her bosom, sucking more life from her body, as she lay there, powerless to resist. Marcus continued to drink from Tammy’s breast as she aimlessly cuddled his head to her lovingly, holding his head and running her fingers through his hair. She was beyond feeling pain and discomfort now, she was crossing over into that unfeeling, cold existence….


The transformation slowly took place, where Tammy’s once pale expression began to take on more of a pearlescent glow, like her undead master. After several minutes, Marcus pulled away from Tammy’s breast to look down into the loving eyes of his lady, and she embraced him, and he welcomed her into their new vampire life together…..


…..Hours later, Tammy and Marcus re-emerged from his apartment. “Are you hungry, baby?” Marcus asked her. Licking her new fangs, Tammy said, “Yeah honey, can you suggest somewhere we can get a bite to eat?”


Laughing, they walked off into the night, hand in hand, in search of their next meals, with Draco tagging along obediently behind them.

Wolf-Brother Manga Translated by JuicyBrucie

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


Here is a wonderful comic about a girl who is a ‘wolf-child’ which means that she is basically a hybrid between human and wolf who can transform into either form. At some point she decides to begin attending human form and does not want to transform into a wolf anymore, basically rejecting that half of her inner-nature. Her brother Rain on the other hand becomes more wolf than human.

Here is the story of how Rain conquered his sister’s protests when he forced her to accept him sexually as a wolf. What starts out as basically a rape becomes a wonderful night for both of them as she climaxes right when he shoots his load of hot wolf cum right into his human sister’s tight pussy. She can barely fit his cock in at first and thinks it will hurt her but by the end of it she is begging him not to stop!

If you like this comic, please thank JuicyBrucie from Beast Forum, as he is the one who was so kind to translate it and send it to me so that I could share it with all of you here.

If anyone has any comics, artwork, or stories that they think are a good representation of bestiality and zoophilia feel free to share them!

Wanna See a Drawing?

Friday, November 30th, 2012


I want to be doing some drawing as well since I draw for myself anyway. I noticed that there’s not a whole lot of new bestiality art ever being made (at least not as much as there is regular humans or furries!)  10$ and I can go by just a description of what you want to see or I can go ahead and base it off of reference images or photographs, up to you!


Also, I will draw whatever you like. Doesn’t have to be zoo and I am ok with hard fetishes, like really hardcore kinky stuff. If you think you can find something I won’t draw, go ahead and suggest it! I enjoy a challenge ;)


YES, I do draw guys, plushophilia, and much more!


What will they do next?

Planet of the Dogs – Part Two

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012



Here’s part two to Planet of the Dogs, one of the commissions that I did for a fan :)

It was impossible to know how long the days and nights would be on this planet without some time to observe so the group decided to venture back out sooner rather than later, deciding to gather whatever Eric said would be edible so they could come back into Destiny for the night and sleep in the beds within their cabins rather than some leaf pile on the ground. Amazing, how a multi-million dollar machine could turn into little more than a big mobile home in such a short amount of time, but such is life.

Everyone had a large backpack and with Eric leading the way they gathered as many of the berries as they could, pulling great handfuls out of the tangles of ivy where it grew. Higher in the trees, fruit could be seen. It was massive yellow fruit that looked almost like bananas but were growing in pairs rather than bunches and had to be at least one pound each.


Everyone looked up at them hungrily, wishing for the much larger and more filling meal that the fruit seemed to promise, but they couldn’t reach that high into the trees and were loath to eat something off of the ground when they knew so little about whether disease and bacteria were an issue in this new world.

When each of them had their bags half full, they were too heavy to reasonably keep lugging around anymore. They stopped for a moment, sitting in the dirt to discuss whether they should dump off their haul in Destiny and then keep picking more or just eat what they had for the night.

Suddenly Brandy heard a rustling noise to her left, between the group and their ship. Her eyes grew wide with fear and her expression was enough to capture the attention of the other two, who froze and looked in the direction of the bushes.


Slowly, a group of people began to emerge from the shadows of the foliage. There were four individuals, just enough to outnumber the astronauts but not enough to seem like a deliberate attack. They stood with their hands at their sides, holding nothing. In their eyes shone an excitement, a recognition, but they said not a word.

By the time they had entered the clearing, Sally had her bag gripped tightly in one hand, looking as though she were ready to swing it at the head of the first person to approach her. She had her lips pulled back from her teeth in a silent animalistic snarl, and rasped out, “Eric, what the FUCK are people doing here?!”

Eric was similarly posed, but he had dropped the bag and had his fists raised, legs planted in a fighting stance. “I don’t know. This doesn’t make any sense. They must’ve crashed here before… maybe their ship got stranded. Jesus Christ, those fucking space shuttles they keep reporting damaged… blown up or something… we feel safe, like that could never happen to us because we have all these fucking safety features… if that’s just a cover for them disappearing and winding up stranded like this, my god,” he shivered, a chill running up his spine that made him want to retch.

Brandy was still staring at the people. “Hello,” she said, pausing a moment before going on. “Hello? My name is Brandy, what is your name? How did you get here?”

The people stared at her, their eyebrows furrowed in the center and frowns on their faces. They tried to gesture with their hands but it all seemed nonsense to her. The leader, if the most well-fed guy standing in the center was indeed their leader, pointed to the three stripes painted on his chest. He then pointed to the oldest woman in the group, to a circle painted around the left nipple of her large, pendulous breasts. The other two members of the group had similar painted symbols, one line on the youngest man’s chest and a very thick jagged line on the chest of a third man.

“Those must be their names,” Eric said grimly, “or what passes as a name in their society. I don’t think they can talk or they would have by now. Clearly they want to communicate with us.”

Eric reached down, opening his bag and showing the strangers the wealth of berries inside. A broad grin broke out on all of their faces, showing crooked and yellowed teeth. The corners of their eyes crinkled up in delight and they walked over, scooping up the berries in their hands and making an excited ‘huh-huhhuh’ sound that was no more a word than the grunting noises of a horse or pig.

Each person took only a few handfuls, smiling as they ate and continuing to make excited noises, grunting and slapping their hands against their thighs. After a few moments of this, they headed partway back the way they had come, looking back at the crew. Their sun-browned skin was tough from exposure and it was impossible to determine what race they belonged to, so leathery was their skin and so much had their body types changed from the traveling in the forest and working for their livelihood. These primitive-looking people waited, watching the astronauts and not moving any further on.

When Eric realized what was happening, he was excited. They were waiting for him and the rest of the crew! These people had clearly been living out here for years at the very least. If anyone would be able to give him a chance at survival, it was these forest people who knew the land and its intricacies. He took a bold step forward, watching the leader smile.


From that point he knew, these people wanted to help. They were asking the astronauts to come with them.

“Brandy, Sally, they’re inviting us to follow them. Look at their skin, look at the way they are muscled. They live out here and have been for a long time. If we want to survive, these are the only people to show us how. Come on.”

Grimly, Sally strode forward. She was clearly not happy about the idea of going off with four wild people, three of them men, but she also didn’t want to be alone with Brandy facing whatever horrors may come in the night. She took Brandy’s hand in hers, giving it a reassuring squeeze and took the first step forward into her new life.

*    *    *

The next few days were spent in the village of the wild people. There were more than four of them: upon arriving at their settlement it was clear that those who had come were the explorers, the people who faced each difficult new situation and then went directly to the leader, dancing and gesturing to try and communicate whether there had been an attack or good fortune. Obviously not much information could be exchanged in that way but at least the people knew whether they were safe or not. After spending some time there, the astronauts began to realize that most of the gestures did not even have real meanings: all they did was communicate emotion, direction (by pointing), and sometimes something like movement in the form of moving your hands back and forth either together or in a contrasting way. They began to tell the villagers how they felt, as well as showing fear and gesturing when they saw movement in a bush or heard a noise.

All in all, things were going well. An elderly man simply left his little dwelling to let the group move in and he walked straight into the hut of a family, being welcomed as though he were one of their own, which for all the space crew knew he very well may be but it was even more likely that no one was sure who was related to whom and they just all considered each other one big family.

As the village people had no clothes, there were some awkward situations initially. The large, free-swinging genitals of the men would sometimes brush up against anyone close by them whether gathering food, starting a fire, or repairing a hole in one of the roof huts when it rained. They were not shy about this and would smile broadly at whomever was so surprised as to react to this, and more often than not their cock would stiffen at the attention, boldly poking the leg or back of whoever they were working with. While some of the villagers had thick pubic hair that all but obscured their genitals, some of them were basically hairless and their smooth skin gleamed in the sunlight, more free than any westerners could be in modern society.

The women too went naked all of the time and their bodies were a constant distraction to Eric. He was enamored of their large breasts and loved the variety: going without bras meant that all of the very young women had perky breasts, nipples pointing straight out and a lot of bounce accompanying every movement, whereas the middle aged women were more filled out, with larger tits that looked heavy, another sort of perfect. He could imagine squeezing their chests, nipples pressed into the center of his palm while he kneaded their soft skin and buried his face in between the twin mounds.

Even better was their lack of pants. Imagine trying to be a productive member of society and all around you women are bending over, their big rounded asses merely inches from your face, and yet they don’t get shy about it. They are comfortable with their own bodies and look back at you and smile. Every time you turn your head there is another pussy, little bud of a clit and plump juicy lips uncovered, ready and waiting for your cock….

Soon he too was constantly walking around sporting an erection, loving the new society that he had found himself in. This, he could get used to. Still, he was not yet ready to take off his clothes and really get into the swing of village life as far as culture was concerned. The women too had their reservations. As much as they wanted to feel the sun against their bodies, tan their hips and feel the breeze against their nipples, they only elected to go braless, breasts swinging free beneath their t-shirts, and wore short-shorts that showed the bottoms of their asses, barely covering them at all but still offering that little piece of a society that had been their entire lives.

Things went on like this for many days until one day the villagers began screaming, gathering whatever clubs and sticks they had around and heading toward the center of the village. Eric, Brandy and Sally joined them, fearful for their lives and without the slightest idea what sort of danger faced them. They had nothing in their hands, having simply followed the others who ran toward the perceived shelter in the middle of the village, and now they were sorry that there was nothing within reach that they could use to defend themselves.

Suddenly a terrible snarling sound could be heard, joined by many more snarls, all joining into a hellish chorus that made Brandy’s blood run cold. She would know that sound anywhere… dogs. As a child she had loved dogs, but after being bitten by her grandmother’s Labrador Retriever she had become so afraid that she refused to be in the same room as a dog. Now, however…

The villagers clustered closer together and the dogs came into sight, an enormous group of them, easily twenty at least. They were all large, various breeds all in one big group. There was a German Shepherd, a Doberman, a Saint Bernard, a Great Dane, a Schnauzer, and many others. All of them had their lips pulled back from their teeth menacingly and six of them had poles upon their backs with little metal nooses slipped through them, which Brandy recognized as the rabies poles used to control dangerous dogs.

The villagers were grunting now, deeply and with plenty of emotion as though in an attempt to warn the animals away, but a sound rose from behind the villagers, another deep and guttural growl, and at that point everyone’s hearts seemed to stop beating and drop into their stomachs. They were without hope. The dogs were large, each as big as a man, and intermittently one of them would break rank to snap at the humans, raking their sharp teeth against an arm or a leg, warning what would happen if the people tried to resist.

One man raised his club, bringing it down across the nose of a Malamute, catching the wolf-like dog with a powerful blow. It seemed for a moment as though the humans might have hope of retaliating but three dogs immediately swarmed the man, viciously biting him and pushing him to the ground, stepping away only when he was laying there, shaking in fear. His injuries were not bad but he got the message: if not for their mercy, those dogs could have killed him.

The dogs with the poles on their backs began walking through the crowd and soon spotted the pale group of astronauts. Their eyes gleamed in delight. Suddenly, a voice spoke out, making them all jump.

“Ah,” said the voice, “look what we have here… pale humans.”

Hearing the word humans, they all suddenly looked around and realized that the voice was coming from a Belgian Malinois, a dog looking similar to a German Shepherd but with a stronger body and a tan coat with a black face. He looked stern and was clearly in no mood for their antics.

“Oh damn!” Sally screamed, “What the fuck, a talking dog?”

This brought a chorus of voices from the other dogs, all of them angry and speaking in fast, clipped tones.

“She talks!” “The human has a voice!” “We haven’t seen a talker in ages!”

At this the astronauts began looking left and right, seeing the large powerful animals and becoming even more afraid now that they knew these angry, strong canines were also intelligent and probably cunning as well.

Eric tried to speak up and gain some semblance of authority. “Look, we don’t want any trouble. If this is your territory we will leave and go somewhere else. We came here by accident and just stopped for food.”

Again the dogs began howling and yelling, suddenly realizing that all of these pale outsiders could talk. They could smell that these humans were different, had smells on them unlike the smells of the wild people, and they closed in on the group, surrounding them and the nearest forest people in an ever-tighter circle. The dogs with the rabies poles on their backs flipped them down, holding the noose parts out toward the people.

“You’re coming with us. Put your heads in the loops, remain calm, and you will be fine.”

When no one complied and the forest people just looked on in angry confusion muddled with fear, the Boxer behind one of the aboriginal women head butted her in the rear, causing her to fall forward, arms outstretched, so that her head landed in the loop and she fell to her hands and knees. The dog with the pole instantly tightened the loop so that she could not get away and then held it tightly.

The other aboriginals, seeing this, tried to fight back and were met with snarls and flashing teeth, which scared them so badly that they fell to the ground, grunting and kicking, but they were unscathed and when again the loops were held forward they put their heads into them and remained still, relaxing slightly after a moment when nothing more happened to them.

“You humans have seen how powerful we are,” the Belgian Malinois said, directing his speech at Eric and Sally who seemed the most cognizant. “Come with us. We will give you food and take you to our civilization, but we will not leave you here. We will do whatever we have to do to get you into these leads, and if you resist things will only be more trouble for you, as we still get what we want either way, but I would rat not hurt you unless it becomes necessary.”

Brandy began crying and tried to run, turning on her heel and sprinting as fast as she could. Eric and Sally were amazed and almost took off as well until they saw Brandy, who had been outrunning the surprised canine captors, trip on the uneven ground and fall. Immediately she was swarmed with dogs and a Golden Retriever grabbed her by the back of her shirt, careful not to dig his teeth into her skin, and dragged her back to the group, holding her still so that her head could be slipped into the loop of a big Black Lab’s rabies pole.

Seeing that there was no way out of this and nothing that they could do, Eric and Sally bowed their heads in a gesture of acceptance. They would not move toward the pole but remained still, allowing the loops to be slipped over their head with dignity. All six poles bearing a human, the dogs began to pull them toward where they had entered the camp, pulling them firmly but gently along.

“Where are you taking us?” Sally asked, an edge of distaste in her voice.

“We are going to the city, Boneswood, the nearest place to here. It is where we set off from, but then afterward we shall head to Great Parks, our capitol.”

“Boneswood? Oh my god, what are you going to do, kill us?” Brandy was nearly screeching, tears streaming down her cheeks. One of her shoes had come off, exposing her delicate and well-arched foot, and her shirt had ripped when the Golden Retriever carried her off and now hung in tatters, covering only one breast while the other was fully exposed, her large brownish-pink nipple visible even in the darkness, a lone splotch of color on her milky white skin.

The dog laughed, not unkindly, “We are DOGS. Boneswood has nothing to do with death or harm. It is not a bad place, probably a lot like the town you come from. We named it after bones because dogs love bones, and what dog doesn’t like the woods?”

His remark seemed to put them at ease and the rest of the walk went well enough for a several hour trudge through wilderness in the dark. When at last they arrived in town, they were nearly delirious from lack of sleep and their vision was so blurred that it was beginning to get difficult telling the dogs apart.

They were led into a holding cell and left there with the wild people, given large chunks of meat and a huge pan of water from which they were all expected to drink, and then they were left alone for the rest of the night. Almost immediately after eating and drinking their fill they all huddled against the wall and fell asleep, sitting up and ready to try and bolt if given the opportunity.

Planet of the Dogs – Part One

Friday, July 20th, 2012

You may have seen that I am now writing stories when I get a request for a commission. Here’s my longest story so far- the idea was commissioned and it was so involving and fascinating that it turned into a much longer story than originally intended, and completely sexy!

Whenever I make the longer stories there is no additional charge, I simply send all that hot kinky sex to the commissioner and then get working on more naughty stuff! I will be posting this in installments, one per week. If you’d like the next installment before the week is up, you can donate 3$ to my PayPal account and I will post the next part right away and follow up on the planned date with the part after that.

The theme of this story is that three astronauts land on a planet where dogs are the dominant species and then are enslaved by their horny canine masters. Enjoy!



In the large front window of the space ship Destiny was a sight like no other. A beautiful planet, largely blue but shot through with electric green and splashes of turquoise was taking up almost the entire view. The atmosphere was so clear that the crew of Destiny would have thought there was no atmosphere and thus no gravity if not for their ship keeling toward the planet, ever so lightly pulled despite its own engines.

The three astronauts on board had been traveling for several months and were ready to land anywhere that offered safe harbor. They had been sent to explore Alpha Centurion, a planet similar to their own Earth but by the time the ship got close enough to actually observe the planet their ship’s mechanized systems had already run toxicity reports and warned them to steer clear.

When trying to head back to Earth they had unexpectedly passed too close to a supernova, nearly getting destroyed as the star exploded and sent them careening and untellable distance into the void of outer space with every monitor displaying a reading off the chart, something that left the ship’s computer so badly confused that they felt there was no hope of navigating back home. Now they simply sought safe harbor.

With a crew of only three, it was sure to be a lonely future. Brandy had spent most of the trip since the supernova rocking back and forth in her seat, staring out the window and twisting a strand of her long black hair around one finger again and again, her ice blue eyes clouded over with sadness as she turned the situation over in her mind again and again, wishing that she had done anything but become an astronaut.

The other female crew member, Sally, was a perky redhead. Much shorter than Brandy, she nevertheless had a stronger constitution. It was her who suggested that they keep looking for any habitable planet when Brandy and the sole man on board, Eric, were cursing and desperately punching controls into the computer’s navigation system that only lead to error messages. Now she sat beside the forlorn Brandy, rubbing her friend’s hand and trying to comfort her in any way possible.

Eric was standing, too stressed and full of nervous energy to bother sitting down. He remembered being a teenager and wishing to be the only man on the planet, surrounded by beautiful women. Now that he was facing that reality, it was hard to muster up any excitement. Not that the girls weren’t hot; they were. Brandy had the long, long legs he loved to see on a woman, especially wearing heels. He could imagine her legs wrapped around his waist, her head thrown back in ecstasy while he pounded away at her, leaning forward to rest his head against her large breasts. He was no expert at guessing bra size or anything but surely they had to be Ds at least, if not double Ds.

Sally though, Sally was something else. She was short with those big, green eyes. When she looked up at him and wrinkled her little freckled nose in regard to some teasing remark he made it always reminded him of the girls in his high school, thinking they were so mature but still just a young woman with more attitude than experience. He would love to have some time alone with her, banter back and forth while he had his way with her. She seemed the type to enjoy some kinky stuff. Probably would be into bondage or something like that.

Destiny had been slowly drifting closer on autopilot and as it reached critical distance an alarm sounded, signaling the crew members to begin steering the ship. Eric went to his station at the head of the cockpit, punching in numbers on the control panel and adjusting their trajectory. At that point Sally pulled Brandy up by the hand, leading her to the gear they would need to wear during landing. Eric had already been fully suited but the two women had been lounging around in their tank tops and thin cotton pants, preferring comfort over duty now that there was no mission to accomplish and no one to report back to.

“Here goes nothing,” Eric said into his mouthpiece as he aimed lower, preparing for a crash landing among the foliage of their strange new planet.

* * *

The next morning, all three crew members awoke with the sun. When the ship had landed the night before only darkness could be seen through the windows. Realizing it must be night they had elected to remain within the relative safety of the ship until there was better visibility. They had no idea what kind of creatures lived on this planet or even if there were any animals at all. Supposing there were, any number of dangers might lurk out there and they did not want to take unnecessary risks.

Sally was the first to venture out, her bangs sticking up in all directions from the uneasy sleep she’d had. Brandy was sticking close to her side like a lost puppy, wanting to be close to the only comfort she had left now that everything she had ever known was lost to her forever.

Eric followed the two of them, unable to keep his eyes from their asses and swaying hips as they led the way out. Once on alien ground he was able to smoothly and seamlessly switch to business mode, which in this case meant survival.



Walking around the ship in a circle, he pointed his signal flares in front of him, hoping that the heat and brief flames would offer him some protection if anything dangerous did show up.

What he saw was no danger, simply trees and bushes and flowers that looked much like those on Earth. He was relieved to note that there seemed to be many parallels between the colors of the plants and their overall shapes. He knew enough basic biology to say that they should probably avoid the scrubby little plants with curled, greenish-red leaves and that the purple and blue berries growing in the ivy on the bases of the trees were probably edible.

“Guys, come here,” he called out to Sally and Brandy, who were still close to the entrance of Destiny, examining the soil and seeing if there were bugs or any other sort of life forms to give them an idea of what type of course evolution had taken here.

Their footfall came rapidly and he heard from their labored breathing that they were rushing to his ‘rescue’.

“Sorry you two,” Eric called out as soon as they were within eyesight, “I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wanted to show you some of these plants. We’ve got edible berries, that much is almost certain. See how they’re growing in clusters rather than individually, and they’re almost like little raspberries or something? And this plant with the reddish tones, don’t eat that one. Might not want to have it rubbing your bare skin if you can help it either. Colors like that usually signal danger or at least unfriendliness, if you could attribute that to a plant.”

“Alright, whatever Mr. fucking Naturalist,” Brandy said bitterly, “you had us scared to death! Now you think we‘re worried about some goddamn plants?”

Eric sighed and shook his head. “We’ve already discussed our options. Unless we need to leave, we stay here. This is the only remotely hospitable place we’ve found. If we are staying here then you’re not doing yourself any favor by not learning these things but what the hell, find out for yourself what is and isn’t food but don’t bitch to me if you get sick or poison yourself.”

At that Brandy burst into tears, running back into Destiny. Sally grimaced. Eric looked at her until she met his eyes, holding his gaze for a moment before looking away. “Sorry, you know we’re all going through a lot. I’m sure it wasn’t personal, Brandy just doesn’t seem like she can really handle this.”

“Tell me about it,” Eric grumbled. “I would’ve said I couldn’t either, if anyone asked me back home but when your only options are keep going or die, you don’t really have a choice.”

“I understand,” Sally said, her green eyes filled with compassion. “I hope that things work out okay, for all of our sakes. Don’t worry Eric, whatever happens I am not giving up. I’m not going to let some shitty planet be the end of me.”

Those were the first truly hopeful words she had said all day, and Eric appreciated being there to hear them. He put his hand on her shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. “Me too. I’m here to help you out, kiddo.”

She playfully slapped him away. “Oh cut it out Eric, you don’t get to call me that anymore. What am I, the second oldest person on this planet?”

Both of them laughed at that, grateful for the little bit of humor in their day. Feeling somewhat invigorated, they headed back to the door of the Destiny, ready to go see Brandy and try to boost her morale as well.

Jake and I – a short story

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Here’s a sample story I have written for those who haven’t read one of my stories before or are interested in a commission but not sure whether they’d like to donate in order to get one. Please note that this is an extremely ‘Mild’ rated story and more of a romance than anything else. The next story I am posting is much more hardcore and will be posted in installments. Enjoy!

My lover and I looked around our old home one last time. We took in the beauty of it, the cherry-red walls of our living room, the plush carpeting I’d installed last year, rolling out the great big rug and struggling to get it perfectly smooth. We had some really great times here, and neither of us wanted to go now.
The landlord had stopped by a few months ago, told us he was done renting out homes and wanted to sell off all of his properties except for me and Jake’s home, which he planned on living in. Fists clenched in anger, I had merely nodded. His casual tone had filled me with a bitter anger but I knew that there was nothing I could do, nothing we could do, because we didn’t own the house.
Jake looked tired, worn out from all the packing we had been getting done these last few days. We still didn’t have a new lease nor had we found a suitable house yet so the two of us were going to be crammed into a motel… not what either of us wanted, but it was the best I could do for us on my budget.
“I’m so sorry Jake,” I said, looking into his brown eyes. I could see how hurt he was by all of this and I would’ve done anything I could to make him feel better but it seemed nothing would make a difference.
With a sigh I bent over and picked up the hefty brown cardboard box that was the last thing left in the room. With nowhere to go, I had put the furniture into storage and would only be taking two boxes with me to the hotel where we would be staying. Everything else could be brought out once Jake and I had a new house or apartment to stay in.
“Ready to go?” I asked, heading toward the door. Jake didn’t seem happy but he came along with me, taking one last look back into our house before we both headed outside into the dark.


Our first night at the hotel I couldn’t sleep, just kept tossing and turning for nearly two hours. Jake had collapsed on his side of the bed, snoring loudly. Well at least he’ll be rested tomorrow, I thought somewhat jealously.
I lay in bed watching lights from passing cars dance over the ceiling. Shadows moved to and fro, bouncing from one wall to another, lights reflecting off of the massive mirror beside the bed and lighting up the room for a brief moment before the truck that was the source of them had gotten too far away to cast its glow on my little corner of the universe.
My hand was on my stomach, resting against the soft downy fuzz of my happy trail. I ran my fingers up and down, sliding them over the hairs and eventually down the waistband of my boxers, feeling the smoothly shaven skin of my groin. I was not surprised to feel that my dick was still flaccid despite the attention. I never did well with stress and this move was no different.
Patiently I started working my cock, licking my palm and then placing it atop my glans. I rubbed in small circles until I began feeling more sensitive, aroused and yearning for more. I slid my left hand under my shorts as well, wrapping it around my thickening shaft and lightly sliding it up and down up and down until I was hard as a rock, standing at full attention and tenting the blanket.
I scoot myself over on the bed, putting my head beside Jake’s mouth and hearing him softly breathing in his sleep. Hearing him always comforts me and I feel closer to him than ever when our bodies touch beneath the blankets.
My pulse quickening, I start jerking myself faster, gripping so lightly that my hand just skims against me, tugging gently at the skin and driving me wild with desire. I turn to face Jake, breathing in his musky, manly scent. His hair hasn’t been cleaned recently but I love the pure scent of him and can’t get enough, panting as I begin humping into my fist, slamming my cock into the tight hole I’ve fashioned for it.
“Jake,” I whisper breathlessly, “Jake baby I’m gonna cum for you.”
As I croon to him I start arching my back, my dick throbbing with a wonderful intensity. I feel my heart beat in my cock. I feel my whole body tingling, nearing release. A pulsing begins deep within me, surging forward in a hot gush of semen, the spasms tapering off until I feel myself jerking and twitching in my hand even though nothing more comes out.
Finally, I begin to feel settled. My thoughts slow and I am able to relax, simply breath and feel and be here with Jake. I roll onto my side, putting one arm over his shoulders and snuggling up against him as I drift to sleep.


The next morning Jake awakened before me. When my eyes opened he was laying on top of me, smiling happily in that way he did which always made it seem like there was nothing else in the world that mattered but our love for one another.
“Heya there, hunk,” I kissed him on the nose, grinning when he shook his head and sneezed. Jake’s nose was very sensitive and I always loved playing with him like that. When he hopped off of me I sat up in bed, noticing the stickiness in my boxers from last night. I hadn’t cleaned myself off after I came and now was going to need a shower. No matter, Jake always liked getting in with me anyway.
I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I had just shaved yesterday and figured I could give it another day before I got the razor out again. I looked back, seeing Jake standing patiently behind me with that sexy grin of his. I felt a stirring in my boxers and turned back around, sliding the shower curtain open.
Already naked, Jake hopped right in and moved to the back of the tub so that I would get most of the water. I stepped out of my shorts, leaving them on the bathroom floor and stepping over the side of the tub. The maid service had stocked us with two little bars of soap, two travel size shampoos, and two miniature body lotions. Jake wouldn’t need any lotion and would just try to get it off if I got any on him anyway. He had enough hair on his body that it would just be a nuisance trying to use that stuff.
I turned the faucet on, letting the water run warm into the bottom of the tub before I switched the stream from faucet to shower head. The water felt good trickling against my skin and I could tell Jake was enjoying it too, edging closer to get fully wet.
I was mostly just rinsing myself off so I wouldn’t be walking around with pants full of jizz all day, but I took my time with Jake, squeezing some shampoo into my palms and then working it into his hair. He really enjoyed it and leaned forward, kissing me passionately beneath the spray of the water.
For a long moment we just stood there, two men deeply in love with one another enjoying the private oasis of their shower.
Later that day it was back to business. Living in such a small town, I knew that we wouldn’t truly be welcome together at the motel so I went outside for a few moments and leaned against the wall, smoking a cigarette.
Satisfied that no one was out who might see us and report us for staying in the room together, I went around and opened the passenger side door of our car before I went back inside to ask Jake to get in the car.
He seemed to know as well as I did how old-fashioned people were around here, and he quickly scooted in without a sound. I shut his door for him and came around the drivers’ side, starting the engine and driving out through the front, whispering for Jake to keep his head down as we passed the front offices.
“At this rate we may as well stay out till dark, make things easier on ourselves when we get back,” I suggested. Jake seemed happy enough now that we were off the property and driving down the road, so I figured he didn’t mind either. Just as well, we could keep ourselves entertained.

On Main Street, we got out and he walked beside me. Everyone was acting the same way they usually do: wanting to talk to Jake, looking at him, even coming over from the other side of the road on occasion to try and say hi.
It always makes him nervous and I try to discourage it as much as possible but with today being so busy it wasn’t going to be easy. He looked at me anxiously, eyebrows knitting together in a silent plead.
“Hold on a minute Jake, I just have to pick up the paper and we can go somewhere quiet while I call about houses.” He seemed to accept that and kept close to me the entire way as we strolled around looking for one of those little machines that holds the daily news.
After a block or so we came upon one and I filled it with change, pulling open the front and grabbing two papers, one off of the top and a leftover copy of yesterday’s that I could see got jammed into the back somehow.
“Look at that, our lucky day,” I said, kissing Jake on top of his head. “We’ll have twice as many numbers to call but that’s twice as many chances we can find somewhere good, and I know you don’t feel like staying in a hotel for too long. Neither do I.”
The rest of the walk back was uneventful. Everyone was looking at Jake again and it was making him nervous so I wanted to pick him up a sandwich or something, get a little meat in his belly and maybe he would feel better.
I knew he would want to come with me but people here weren’t very understanding… it wouldn’t go well for us to just stroll into the nearest deli together and wait around for our order to come up. In fact, if we tried that we probably wouldn’t get any service at all.
He sat at a table on the patio while I went in, hidden beneath the shade of a tall umbrella so the sun wouldn’t be beating down on him. I got his order as quickly as I could- bacon lettuce and tomato- and went back outside to join him.
When I came back I handed him half the sandwich and kept half for myself, picking off a piece of pickle that had somehow stuck to the outside, presumably from falling onto the deli papers. By the time I looked up at Jake, he had already finished his half and was licking a bit of mayonnaise from his lips.
I couldn’t help but imagine that was my cum he was licking off of his lips and that he’d just given me a sloppy, sexy, amazing blowjob. I pictured him taking my cock into his mouth again, sucking on it gently to clean the last of my cum off of it.
The walk back to the car was somewhat awkward as I tried to conceal my hard on from everyone walking by.


We sat in the car together and looked at the advertisements for housing. Much as I wished we could just buy our own home, that wasn’t in the cards right now so we were checking out the yearly rentals. I didn’t want to even think about contacting anyone offering a seasonal residence unless that was our only option. Not only would it suck to move again in three months, I also didn’t feel like paying extra because it just so happened that it would be warm out soon.
The first number I called was out of service and I wondered who would pay to run and ad if they weren’t going to leave some way of contacting them but then I decided it didn’t really matter one way or another and went back to looking.
Some of the houses were just too expensive, home owners trying to get someone else to buy into their pipedream and I didn’t bother calling any of them but I did find a few reasonable ones, including one right in the neighborhood I had just moved from.
When I called, an elderly woman answered and seemed very happy to have someone on the phone. The way she talked on and on, I would’ve guessed that no one else had called about the house yet. It all went well until we got into the discussion about me having a “roommate” live with me, something she was not keen on at all. After a few bitter words I hung up on her, turning to Jake who I could tell was feeling my exasperation right then.
“Let’s have a break from this for a bit, eh?” I asked, rolling down my window and setting the seat back. Jake got into the back of the car and stretched out comfortably, apparently just as ready for a nap as I was.

It was about four in the afternoon once we both woke up. We’d been more tired than I thought before but it made perfect sense considering the stress of the last few days.
I went back to calling phone numbers and it was somewhat less disheartening than before. A condo was going to be all ready for someone to move in by the end of the month but the price would be the absolute limit of what I could afford which would mean major cutbacks all around.
There was a small one bedroom house the next town over which sounded like it might be nice. That was available next week, and while it wasn’t as large as what we were used to I thought Jake would like it there a lot since it was at the border of a national forest, which would mean lots of wildlife right in our own back yard. Jake always loved that sort of stuff, and that house was moving nearer the top of the list the more I thought about it.
There was just one little problem… I hadn’t brought Jake up to the owner. I didn’t know if he would be okay hearing that both of us would be living in that house and while it was wrong, I was very seriously considering keeping that little detail a secret.
There were two other rentals that seemed like they might be okay. One was an apartment but it came pre-furnished and I hated the idea of either getting rid of all of our furniture or keeping it in storage long term while I stayed on someone else’s nasty used furniture. The other available rental was a double wide trailer in a place that mostly took state credit for letting poorer folks live there but would also take anyone with enough money to pay.
I didn’t really want to live in a little trailer. It would be very cramped if we kept our belongings and I would be very sad if we didn’t, not to mention trailers aren’t the best. There’s the heat in the summer, the cold in the winter, and ants are a potential issue all year round. Still, I told the owner of the trailer park that I would call back once I thought on it a little bit.
Having gone through all of our options took quite a while and my stomach was starting to growl. Jake was hungry too and looked around the car to see if we had any little bags of chips or strips of beef jerky but there was nothing at all. I put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking space, heading back in the direction of our hotel and deciding to pick up some food on the way.


After three days, I still hadn’t found any more promising prospects. Most of the ads in the paper were just repeats of advertisements from the day before, while others would get posted every second day. With no new rentals being listed it was time to start getting serious about picking a new place or we were going to end up stuck in a hotel all summer until those renting out to “seasonal guests” reposted their rentals at normal prices again.
I just couldn’t keep my boyfriend a secret from the landlord wherever I went. They would have to know that I wasn’t going to be living alone, at least. I didn’t want to get kicked out later for lying on the lease or keeping secrets.
Fingers crossed, I decided to dial the owner of the national park-bordering home again, this time telling them that I had a friend who would be living with me, his name was Jake and he was very well mannered. As I had done when talking to the elderly woman, I was careful to describe him in a very positive light so that I could try to sway the landlord’s opinion but again I failed to do so, only this time it was I who got hung up on.
That left me with three options. I could try and call the people with the condo, but prestigious homes like that usually have additional rules. If your landlord is strict enough to prohibit overnight guests and certain colors of paint they aren’t likely to be flexible on other things.
That left the apartment or the trailer. Either way, there wasn’t going to be much room to romp around or the neighbors would be fairly close by. The neighbors shouldn’t give us a problem one way or another though. Jake and I were always very mannerly in public and didn’t show our affection in very grandiose ways when others were around.
Living in a trailer sounded like a better option than being stuck on a bed used by who-knows-how-many people before me so I decided I would give the trailer park another call.
The owner of the lot answered promptly and seemed happy that I had called back. When I said I would have someone else living with me they didn’t even let me finish the statement, just said that the only rules were no breaking the law and anyone who causes trouble with the police will get themselves evicted as per the lease agreement.
I’d never heard of someone being allowed to break a lease due to legal trouble but since I wasn’t going to be playing loud music or getting rowdy and fighting people I figured that was completely irrelevant to my situation.
“Sounds perfect,” I said, still a little nervous about the possibility that Jake’s presence would be a problem but hoping against hope that once I moved in and they saw what a quiet and unobtrusive couple we were then maybe we would be permitted to stay. “When can I move in?”
“In three days if you like, I just need to double check that the plumbing and electricity are all hooked up properly so you’ll be set when you get here. I’ll give you a call if I think it’ll be sooner or later but three days is pretty standard here.”
“Alright, sounds perfect. Thanks a bunch!” I hung up, relieved for the time being. Jake was napping beside me, his foot tapping against the door frame and I mused that he must be dreaming of being in a marching band. Of course that was silly but my imagination sometimes got the better of me.



Exactly three days later we got a call from the trailer park’s front office. I held my breath, afraid they would tell me that it would be a few more days before everything was settled or worse, that Jake and I were not welcome there now that they knew who we were.
“Hello,” I said, pacing nervously back and forth across the carpet of our hotel room.
“Hey, everything’s ready, you can come right on over. I’m going to be in the office until five so when you and your roommate are ready to move in just meet me there, big green building out front, so I can get acquainted with you both and hand over the keys to your trailer and mailbox.”
“Th-thanks a bunch,” I managed to stutter out. “See you soon.”
I hung up, feeling miserable and wondering whether it was even worth the drive over. Surely when the owner of the lot met us he would send me packing with a “Come back on your own and then we’ll talk.”
Much as I wished I could just show up by myself and lie that Jake was sick, or busy, maybe working overtime or something like that, I knew it wouldn’t hold up. The excuse was too weak and besides I had already agreed to come over by five.
Ready or not here I go, I thought miserably.


When we showed up at the trailer park I was delighted to see how well-manicured the lawns all were. Each one was a uniform length which told me that there was someone coming around and doing all of them at the same time. Glad to escape that duty, I tried to look on the bright side but I couldn’t shake my worries that this was going to go all wrong.
As we pulled up in front of the office Jake and I met eyes.
“Whatever happens, I am not moving in there alone. If we can’t find a place we will just stay at the hotel, okay?”
He kissed my cheek and smiled, and we got out of the car- him striding confidently toward the door while I walked after him on shaky legs.
The inside of the building was freshly painted, eggshell white without a hint of smudging on the walls. It was well lit and orderly, more like a hospital waiting room than a little office at a welfare trailer park. This came as a surprise to me and I took it as a good sign. The lawn, the office, at this point there was no doubt in my mind that those trailers were probably very well cared for on the inside.
Suddenly a door opened off to the side and a heavyset man strode in wearing a Hawaiian shirt and dark blue shorts.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Carlson,” he said.
“Nice to meet you too, sir,” I mumbled nervously.
“So where’s your roommate at, couldn’t make it?”
“Well, the thing about that is…” I trailed off, thinking hard for a minute. “Wait, what?”
“Your roommate, I thought he was coming with you to get the key.”
Just then I realized that he couldn’t see Jake standing here beside me. The counter was just too tall, went right over his head and so I appeared to be standing here alone. Sheepishly I reached down, taking Jake into my arms and holding him up.
“He’s right here, sir,” I mumbled.
Instead of the shocked or angry expression I had grown used to, trying to convince people Jake was fine coming around with me, this man had a genuine expression of delight on his face and he was moving briskly over to where I stood. Jake curled up in my arms, trying to hide his face from the man.
“Aw, you didn’t tell me this was him. I was expecting some kind of crazy teenagers or college students who might try and mess the place up. You sounded so nervous on the phone, I figured there must be a catch and all along you were trying to tell me you were bringing a Spaniel with you?”
For the first time in days I smiled at someone and honestly felt the joy in my heart.
“Yes sir, and he’s a damn fine dog too. House trained, loves other pets. I will say though, he does get shy when people come over. Just looks pleadingly at me like he doesn’t understand why they all want to see him.”
“Well that’s understandable boy, I guess you would feel the same in his shoes. Anyway, you’re both welcome here and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with the other residents. There’s a girl Collie living just a few doors down and she’s really energetic, very popular with the other dogs. I think they’ll hit it off.”
I almost corrected him and told him that my dog was gay but then I caught myself.
“I bet they will, can’t wait to meet the crew.”
With that, I was given the key to my future, to Jake’s future.
To our future.


Wanna Read My Hot and Kinky Fantasies?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012


Some of you may remember the story I wrote a while back about the girl and the blue pit bull called My Cobalt Crush (if you haven’t seen it, check the link to stories on the side of the page and read it!). I have partnered with the team from Animal Instincts as well as an editor friend of mine to write stories and compilations of short stories which will be released for the Kindle as well as a general online-version which anyone can buy even if they do not have an e-reader.


For right now, I am starting off with short stories as it is easier for us all to exchange ideas that way and get an idea of what stories are most liked as well as anything else people would like to read about. All of the proceeds will be split among myself to help pay bills and fund more research, books, and articles about canines as well as the Animal Instincts team funding new props, cameras, and equipment for filming.


The first two collections will be about people with male canines: a ten story collection of men with male canines and a ten story collection of females with male canines. After that we will branch out into stories with female canines, other animal species, and more fetish-geared material such as interspecies impregnation, transsexuals with animals, etc.


If you don’t want to wait for the stories to come out on Kindle, you can get them in advance by sending 10$ to my paypal account. All you have to do is say whether you want to sign up for the stories about men and male animals or the stories about women and male animals. Each time I write one, I will send it to you. If you’d like to get both, just send 18$ and state that you would like both.


I am writing the stories at a rate of about two per week, so if you get both subscriptions you will get two a week, if you only get one or the other then you will only get one per week because I rotate which I am writing to keep it even. Also, after the stories are released for Kindle, anyone who has signed on and gotten the advance copy will get the Kindle copy for FREE through the file sending feature as long as they add the email I specify to their safe senders list.


If you have any ideas for stories, feel free to suggest them and they may get used! If you’d like to guarantee your story gets written, you can always feel free to commission me personally by donating 10$ to my paypal account and include a note saying what email address you would like the story sent to, and what you want it to be about. I will write about absolutely anything you’d like by the way and the story will be 4,000 words or longer, as are the other stories. That’s about 8 or 9 pages in Microsoft Word to give you an idea.

When People Think Zoophilia is a Choice…

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

My new comeback


There are people out there who think Zoophiles just decide they want to be with animals. You cannot decide who or what you are attracted to. That is a feeling. You can decide whether to act on that feeling or live constantly wanting more and never being fully happy or satisfied, but you cannot just decide to be straight.

The way I look at it, the majority of the population is not sexually interested in animals. They didn’t wake up one morning and say to themselves “Hey, I don’t think Zoophilia is right for me,” or anything like that, they simply do not feel an attraction.

They don’t just go, “Oh well I would like to have a large portion of the human population to choose from as a sex partner and shy away from animals because it is more difficult, or less engaging, or whatever. They simply go with what feels right to them.

Oddly enough, they ask us to do the exact opposite. They say they’re doing “What’s right” because it feels right to them. Well we’re doing what’s right because it feels right to us.

This causes a lot of distress to people and makes them feel like they are in the wrong for being different. The same tactic is used to guilt-trip nonreligious people, people of religions different than that of their peers, people of other races or abilities, and people of other sexualities.

Do not let the majority of the population make you unhappy because of what is or isn’t “natural”. Natural is going with your emotions, listening to your feelings, and taking the path that rewards you and makes YOU feel good about yourself.

If that’s being a Zoophile and living your life to the fullest, be okay with that. Be you. *big hugs*

Cross Species Impregnation Art

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Gorgeous image by Dmitrys


I recently posted a comic and it started a conversation about inter-species pregnancy. While we clearly do not have a lot of half-and-half mixed creatures running about and even the possibility of egg fertilization and then termination is a very controversial topic, the art is still very compelling.

Sweet image of a girl and her lab


While there is plenty of art featuring bestiality on the web, you rarely see someone becoming pregnant as a result of all the wild and exciting sex they are having.



An adorable litter of puppies- what more could one ask for?


When you do though, it is usually an adorable baby animal. Comics, stories, and images are nowhere near as kinky if the person gives birth to a human baby as the result of their erotic encounter but there is something very compelling about them giving birth to a whole litter of animal babies.


Sexy outdoor scene with a strong and muscular canine


This is all pretty sexy and inspirational. I am thinking of commissioning art or a comic of myself being intimate with a canine, and the resulting litter.

Two girls- friends? sisters? being mounted and impregnated by powerful animals at the same time

I am wondering how often inter-species impregnation features in erotica. I haven’t read that many stories lately but I think I am going to try and set aside some time for that and maybe even have a go at writing my own.

Of course I had to end with something funny

The Things People Spend Their Time On….

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

So I found this on YouTube today. It’s a very strange spoof of a commercial about a guy who runs this company which makes only straight bestiality porn, no “gay stuff”.

It’s very strange to me that someone would devote the time and energy to filming and editing this video which has lots of different segments and I wonder what motivated them. Do people make money by writing fake commercials?