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Wolf-Brother Manga Translated by JuicyBrucie

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


Here is a wonderful comic about a girl who is a ‘wolf-child’ which means that she is basically a hybrid between human and wolf who can transform into either form. At some point she decides to begin attending human form and does not want to transform into a wolf anymore, basically rejecting that half of her inner-nature. Her brother Rain on the other hand becomes more wolf than human.

Here is the story of how Rain conquered his sister’s protests when he forced her to accept him sexually as a wolf. What starts out as basically a rape becomes a wonderful night for both of them as she climaxes right when he shoots his load of hot wolf cum right into his human sister’s tight pussy. She can barely fit his cock in at first and thinks it will hurt her but by the end of it she is begging him not to stop!

If you like this comic, please thank JuicyBrucie from Beast Forum, as he is the one who was so kind to translate it and send it to me so that I could share it with all of you here.

If anyone has any comics, artwork, or stories that they think are a good representation of bestiality and zoophilia feel free to share them!

Planet of the Dogs – Part One

Friday, July 20th, 2012

You may have seen that I am now writing stories when I get a request for a commission. Here’s my longest story so far- the idea was commissioned and it was so involving and fascinating that it turned into a much longer story than originally intended, and completely sexy!

Whenever I make the longer stories there is no additional charge, I simply send all that hot kinky sex to the commissioner and then get working on more naughty stuff! I will be posting this in installments, one per week. If you’d like the next installment before the week is up, you can donate 3$ to my PayPal account and I will post the next part right away and follow up on the planned date with the part after that.

The theme of this story is that three astronauts land on a planet where dogs are the dominant species and then are enslaved by their horny canine masters. Enjoy!



In the large front window of the space ship Destiny was a sight like no other. A beautiful planet, largely blue but shot through with electric green and splashes of turquoise was taking up almost the entire view. The atmosphere was so clear that the crew of Destiny would have thought there was no atmosphere and thus no gravity if not for their ship keeling toward the planet, ever so lightly pulled despite its own engines.

The three astronauts on board had been traveling for several months and were ready to land anywhere that offered safe harbor. They had been sent to explore Alpha Centurion, a planet similar to their own Earth but by the time the ship got close enough to actually observe the planet their ship’s mechanized systems had already run toxicity reports and warned them to steer clear.

When trying to head back to Earth they had unexpectedly passed too close to a supernova, nearly getting destroyed as the star exploded and sent them careening and untellable distance into the void of outer space with every monitor displaying a reading off the chart, something that left the ship’s computer so badly confused that they felt there was no hope of navigating back home. Now they simply sought safe harbor.

With a crew of only three, it was sure to be a lonely future. Brandy had spent most of the trip since the supernova rocking back and forth in her seat, staring out the window and twisting a strand of her long black hair around one finger again and again, her ice blue eyes clouded over with sadness as she turned the situation over in her mind again and again, wishing that she had done anything but become an astronaut.

The other female crew member, Sally, was a perky redhead. Much shorter than Brandy, she nevertheless had a stronger constitution. It was her who suggested that they keep looking for any habitable planet when Brandy and the sole man on board, Eric, were cursing and desperately punching controls into the computer’s navigation system that only lead to error messages. Now she sat beside the forlorn Brandy, rubbing her friend’s hand and trying to comfort her in any way possible.

Eric was standing, too stressed and full of nervous energy to bother sitting down. He remembered being a teenager and wishing to be the only man on the planet, surrounded by beautiful women. Now that he was facing that reality, it was hard to muster up any excitement. Not that the girls weren’t hot; they were. Brandy had the long, long legs he loved to see on a woman, especially wearing heels. He could imagine her legs wrapped around his waist, her head thrown back in ecstasy while he pounded away at her, leaning forward to rest his head against her large breasts. He was no expert at guessing bra size or anything but surely they had to be Ds at least, if not double Ds.

Sally though, Sally was something else. She was short with those big, green eyes. When she looked up at him and wrinkled her little freckled nose in regard to some teasing remark he made it always reminded him of the girls in his high school, thinking they were so mature but still just a young woman with more attitude than experience. He would love to have some time alone with her, banter back and forth while he had his way with her. She seemed the type to enjoy some kinky stuff. Probably would be into bondage or something like that.

Destiny had been slowly drifting closer on autopilot and as it reached critical distance an alarm sounded, signaling the crew members to begin steering the ship. Eric went to his station at the head of the cockpit, punching in numbers on the control panel and adjusting their trajectory. At that point Sally pulled Brandy up by the hand, leading her to the gear they would need to wear during landing. Eric had already been fully suited but the two women had been lounging around in their tank tops and thin cotton pants, preferring comfort over duty now that there was no mission to accomplish and no one to report back to.

“Here goes nothing,” Eric said into his mouthpiece as he aimed lower, preparing for a crash landing among the foliage of their strange new planet.

* * *

The next morning, all three crew members awoke with the sun. When the ship had landed the night before only darkness could be seen through the windows. Realizing it must be night they had elected to remain within the relative safety of the ship until there was better visibility. They had no idea what kind of creatures lived on this planet or even if there were any animals at all. Supposing there were, any number of dangers might lurk out there and they did not want to take unnecessary risks.

Sally was the first to venture out, her bangs sticking up in all directions from the uneasy sleep she’d had. Brandy was sticking close to her side like a lost puppy, wanting to be close to the only comfort she had left now that everything she had ever known was lost to her forever.

Eric followed the two of them, unable to keep his eyes from their asses and swaying hips as they led the way out. Once on alien ground he was able to smoothly and seamlessly switch to business mode, which in this case meant survival.



Walking around the ship in a circle, he pointed his signal flares in front of him, hoping that the heat and brief flames would offer him some protection if anything dangerous did show up.

What he saw was no danger, simply trees and bushes and flowers that looked much like those on Earth. He was relieved to note that there seemed to be many parallels between the colors of the plants and their overall shapes. He knew enough basic biology to say that they should probably avoid the scrubby little plants with curled, greenish-red leaves and that the purple and blue berries growing in the ivy on the bases of the trees were probably edible.

“Guys, come here,” he called out to Sally and Brandy, who were still close to the entrance of Destiny, examining the soil and seeing if there were bugs or any other sort of life forms to give them an idea of what type of course evolution had taken here.

Their footfall came rapidly and he heard from their labored breathing that they were rushing to his ‘rescue’.

“Sorry you two,” Eric called out as soon as they were within eyesight, “I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wanted to show you some of these plants. We’ve got edible berries, that much is almost certain. See how they’re growing in clusters rather than individually, and they’re almost like little raspberries or something? And this plant with the reddish tones, don’t eat that one. Might not want to have it rubbing your bare skin if you can help it either. Colors like that usually signal danger or at least unfriendliness, if you could attribute that to a plant.”

“Alright, whatever Mr. fucking Naturalist,” Brandy said bitterly, “you had us scared to death! Now you think we‘re worried about some goddamn plants?”

Eric sighed and shook his head. “We’ve already discussed our options. Unless we need to leave, we stay here. This is the only remotely hospitable place we’ve found. If we are staying here then you’re not doing yourself any favor by not learning these things but what the hell, find out for yourself what is and isn’t food but don’t bitch to me if you get sick or poison yourself.”

At that Brandy burst into tears, running back into Destiny. Sally grimaced. Eric looked at her until she met his eyes, holding his gaze for a moment before looking away. “Sorry, you know we’re all going through a lot. I’m sure it wasn’t personal, Brandy just doesn’t seem like she can really handle this.”

“Tell me about it,” Eric grumbled. “I would’ve said I couldn’t either, if anyone asked me back home but when your only options are keep going or die, you don’t really have a choice.”

“I understand,” Sally said, her green eyes filled with compassion. “I hope that things work out okay, for all of our sakes. Don’t worry Eric, whatever happens I am not giving up. I’m not going to let some shitty planet be the end of me.”

Those were the first truly hopeful words she had said all day, and Eric appreciated being there to hear them. He put his hand on her shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. “Me too. I’m here to help you out, kiddo.”

She playfully slapped him away. “Oh cut it out Eric, you don’t get to call me that anymore. What am I, the second oldest person on this planet?”

Both of them laughed at that, grateful for the little bit of humor in their day. Feeling somewhat invigorated, they headed back to the door of the Destiny, ready to go see Brandy and try to boost her morale as well.

Now There’s Some Sexy Doggies!!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Bully Kuttas are a very powerful and imposing breed. I love their strength and stature. Long, sexy video for those whi enjoy the buff and strong canines!

Doggy Missionary Hints and Tips

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I have had a good bit of personal experience playing with canines as well as learning about canine sexuality and psychology from a variety of sources.

Missionary sex with your lover can be even more intimate than the traditional doggystyle method, but there are some things to take into consideration


Letting the Dog ‘Find His Way’

Since sex with dogs only involves a few minutes of humping before the male’s penis is fully hard and he stands still while ejaculating, some people like the idea of not helping the dog with his aim. After all, you can reach back and help him get his penis into you properly, but then once he does get it in he will not be humping much longer.

If he is probing around the outside of your vagina (or anus for a guy or girl who likes anal sex) then he may keep at it longer- his cock poking and even slightly entering you but then hitting a different spot, building the anticipation and pleasuring you all the while.

This can be a good idea, but there are two things you ought to take into consideration.

The first is that anal sex with a canine can be problematic if you are not properly prepared. The anus is very sensitive, that bone is hard, and before full erection the dog’s penis is somewhat sharp and pokey at the tip. If he hits you at a bad angle, it could hurt or even result in injury.Even if the angle is good, dogs do not hump slowly- they go fast, full-force, and try to get in deep. Not only that, but his cock will swell much larger once it is inside of you.

To prevent this you will need to reach back and place your hand firmly over your rear end so that his penis cannot slip inside of you by accident. For goodness sake, remember this and cover up tight! This will leave him either a.) probing you which you wanted anyway or b.) getting it in your pussy, which was the desired end result.



Remember to keep the experience rewarding for him. If he doesn't "get it in" he may lose interest and give up.

His Experience Is a Factor

Now some of you will probably be thinking “great!” and getting ready for a long, extended session of outercourse (his penis rubbing you without actually going in, getting you more and more turned on) but wait! Before you do that, please remember that the one doing most of the work here is your dog.

“Well he will be enjoying it plenty!” You may say, and yes you are right, it will be great fun for him if he is interested, but he has a goal in mind too, and he doesn’t understand the concept of keeping his penis outside of you to raise the excitement and get you right on the edge of orgasm before penetration.

If you would like to do that, fine and good but remember that he doesn’t instinctively know that he will eventually get lucky. Some dogs will try and try till they are past worn out, but others will give up before long. You have to make sure he knows that he is going to get to have sex with you and either tie with you or you will gently grip behind his knot to make him feel like he has tied so he will be sexually satisfied.

A less experienced dog will give up much quicker, but once your dog has some experience you can slowly start taking a bit longer here and a bit longer there before helping him in. With a dog who is really experienced and determined, you could even move your hips to make it more difficult for him to hit the spot, just make sure that he does before he thinks you’re not up for it!

Initially limit the probing to a minute or so before you allow him to penetrate you. If need be, keep your hand on his cock to prevent the knot from getting in. If you gently but firmly hold your (lubed!) hand over the base of his penis, where the knot is, you can stimulate him while preventing him from tying with you if you are not ready for that.



As you can see it is possible for a dog to get fully hard and have his knot grow outside of the sheath, in which case he may cum and experience orgasm all without sex.

Can He Cum Without Having Sex?

It is possible that the dog could cum too soon, in which case you will need to give him a rest, let his penis go back down, and give him time to fully recover from the excitement before he will be ready for sex again. This could take a few moments, a few hours, or even a few days for some dog. It all depends on his libido.

A male can experience premature ejaculation for a variety of reasons. If he gets to aroused that his penis becomes hard inside the sheath, the knot will grow and the sheath pressing on it can make him feel like he has tied, and the larger size of his cock will mean he cannot expose it from the sheath until his erection has gone down. His sheath can only be retracted when his penis is mostly flaccid- with only the bone holding its shape until he achieves penetration and becomes hard.

Another possibility is that he can rub his sheath against something and have his penis come out, then the sheath will grip him behind the knot as in the photo above. Again, he will need time to recuperate before he is ready for sex again.

If either of these things keeps happening, you may want to slide his sheath back over his penis and gently grip behind the knot, guiding his penis into you. Let him experience sex a few times and try not taking so long with the caressing, probing, or other activities.



Dogs will generally try to "turn" and face in the opposite direction. Not all dogs do this but there are very important reasons why it is in their nature to turn around if they can.

To Turn or Not to Turn?

Once a dog’s penis is fully engorged and he has ejaculated his semen, he will usually try to turn and face the opposite direction of his mate, with all four feet on the ground while he cums a clear prostate fluid which can be much higher in volume than his actual semen was. He will continue spurting this clear fluid the entire time his penis is hard.

The reason dogs like to turn around during sex is because when a dog is standing, 70% of their weight is on their forelegs. This is what they are used to and being on all fours is not only more comfortable, it helps them keep their balance.

During sex, the dog is putting most of his weight on his hind legs and some on his partner. If mating lasts a long time, this can easily get uncomfortable for either of them, and sometimes for both. Male dogs naturally want to turn around to avoid this.

After all, most of us wouldn’t want to stand on one leg or feel that we are losing our balance during sex. Neither does doggy. Some dogs can learn to get used to being atop their partner for the entire duration of intercourse, but not all dogs will do this.

Some will become anxious, and you never want your canine partner to feel anything less than comfortable during sex, nor do you want to make it a bad experience. You can lovingly coax a dog and pat them, rub them gently and try to convince them to stay on top of you, but if they try to turn around always allow them to do so.


More Fun With Your Canine Lover

As always, let me remind you all that you want your dog to have the best time possible and that you want it to be a true pleasure for both of you, and the two of you may look forward to lots of loving intercourse with one another in the future.

As some of you know, “dildogging” is pretty popular in movies, and it involves getting the dog hard and then moving back and forth (or having him move back and forth) so that there is plenty of in and out motion like a dildo. Humans have sex like this, but dogs usually hump just long enough to penetrate their partner and then stand still for the remainder of sex.

When his penis is moving in and out it creates a lot of friction which most dogs do not like. Some are fine with it while others will move away or look irritated because it is less pleasurable for them. If your dog doesn’t like a lot of friction, don’t dildog with him or you will find he may not enjoy sex very much.

Another issue is that his penis is like the inside of the human mouth, and having parts of it outside of your body while he is hard means his cock gets exposed to air. He won’t really like that. Try keeping your mouth open for 10-20 minutes, trust me it will get dry. If you cannot take your dogs whole penis inside you then use lube with no glycerin and no parabens. This will keeep him comfortable.


Happy Humping!

Dog’s Luv Life Comic – Translated by JuicyBrucie

Monday, March 19th, 2012

My friend JuicyBrucie was kind enough to translate this comic and send it to me, so I am posting it here for everyone to enjoy!


















































































That’s the end of the comic, feel free to share any awesome stories, comics, pictures, or art you guys find. I always love seeing new and awesome stuff!  :)

Kristen’s Story Archive

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Sultry Dames and Sexy Studs

I recently found a great site offering tons of free bestiality stories by different authors. The writing styles vary as does the contents which means if you click the link to one and don’t like it, just skim through a few more and you will probably find something favorable.

Check it out here.

Sex Advice from Richard F. Stratton and LexxiStray

Monday, October 24th, 2011

This crew certainly doesn't need any help getting the mechanics of sex figured out!


The information in bold was gathered from the original source and pertains to dog-to-dog matings. The information below it explains how this applies to interspecies sex between canines and humans.


The bold information is from “The Rottweiler” and is the dog-breeding advice of Richard F. Stratton. The advice in normal font is my own adaptation, for humans and their canine lovers.


The first sign of menstruation in bitches is the ‘menarche’. It consists of reddish discharge and swelling of the vulva. It usually occurs between eight and ten months, however it can sometimes occur as early as six months or as late as a year-and-a-half. You should not breed your female until her second or third heat.

When your bitch comes into heat for the first time, she is still growing. A stray dog could possibly end up mating and even getting pregnant at that time but she is not mature yet and should not have sex until she has finished growing at around a year or two. Her second or third cycle is the best indication.

After this most bitches will come into heat about every six months. The duration of lighting, health of the bitch, and her diet an all affect the timing of her heat cycles and cause them to be average bi-annually dog ones or lengthy one year cycle like wolves.

Adult bitches without sexual experience will often be uninterested when they are not in heat. By waiting for their heat cycle to occur, you will find her to be more receptive and even downright insistent on attentions.

This is a good time for people who are interested in trying gently fingering the bitch or performing oral on her. Once she comes to know the sensation she may be interested other times of year.


The male’s penis actually contains a bone inside it and behind this is the knot, called ‘copus cavernosum’. The bitch’s vaginal sphincter ‘spincter cunni’ will grasp this and help them to tie. The prolonged, locking-together is unusual in mammals but many other species have a locking mechanism.

Humans also have a sphincter cunni, much like the female dog. Usually it tends to be a bit more relaxed – in vaginismus (a medical condition) it locks down involuntarily, which can cause discomfort because when two humans have sex there tends to be a lot of friction and the muscles tightening can make this unpleasant.

With that exception, the muscles tend to remain relaxed, locking down when we engage them or during orgasm.


Once the male has penetrated the female, pressure on the base of the penis causes a reflex action that enlarges the knot. It can swell up to five times its original size within the female.

Sometimes you will see a male mounting and humping but never locking with the female. He may hop off and on or try to reposition himself. This is because he has not managed to penetrate far enough to push his sheath back over his penis. Once he does, the pressure behind his knot (either from his sheath or her vagina) will cause it to enlarge and he will start to calm down a bit.

Sometimes the male will become so aroused and excited that his knot may swell within the sheath. Once it does you cannot try to slide it out, as that could be uncomfortable. Simply let him relax and lick himself and his erection will go down.

It is always best to see his knot fully enlarged before every attempting sex with the dog. Some have knots which are in excess of 9 inches around, which is more than many people can take! It is much more common however for them to be from 5-7 inches around, but you always want to be sure so you do not find yourself in discomfort later if he manages to get his knot inside you, especially if he ends up pulling it out.

Here's to many happy endings, and the cuddle time that follows

Secret Base of XXX Arousal – Translated By JuicyBrucie

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Here is a comic kindly translated for me by the wonderful JuicyBrucie.



Finally managed to upload them all after changing them to JPG images so they could be uploaded. :) I started posting them on BeastForum but went to upload the rest (11 onward) and couldn’t add an attachment to my post. Has anyone else had this problem? Or might anyone else be willing to post from 11 onward on that Beastforum thread?

Featured Artist of the Week – Java

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

This week’s featured artist is Java. I have long been a fan of this person’s work, though I had not known who made the pics. You can easily distinguish them due to the calligraphic marking in the corner reminiscent of some asian signature, as well as the paint brush style of the works- which is not sloppy, but not clear cut lines either. It gives the impression of realistic fur and movement. You see that style in nearly all of Java’s art, though there are also some different styled surprises out there.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

It's not as common to see 'anthro bestiality' aka anthros with four legged animals, as it is to see animals mating, two anthros together, or humans with four legged animals. I consider this to be a special find =)

Good Good Loving [explicit]

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I am in love with what we are,
not what we ‘should be’.
And I am starstruck with every part
of this whole story.

This morning while I was getting changed I bent down to pull of my pajama bottoms and my dog started licking me, pushing his nose hard against me and getting really into it right away. He turned me on so much I decided to stop changing right there and strip down, rubbing his sides and gently stroking his sheath. He tried standing over me, putting his sheath directly over my hips, which is what he does once he starts getting aroused so I figured he wanted to mount me.

I was petting his chest and picked up his front paws, rising onto my knees to put them around my waist before putting my hands back on the floor, but he was already too hard and his knot had begun to grow in his sheath, so it would have been uncomfortable to try and coax it out. I gently squeezed his sheath at the base near his balls and he humped a few times, then I let go and he hopped off, licking himself until his erection went down.

Once it had I called him back over to me again, helping him get his paws into position and quickly reaching back to push his sheath out of the way, fully exposing his cock while it was still slender, before it had a chance to swell and the knot to get enlarged. I made the ‘ok’ sign with my fingers and slipped my grip right behinds his knot, aiming his cock into me. As soon as he felt himself sliding into my pussy he began humping away, trying to shove his dick as far into me as he could, thrusting so hard I had to grip him tightly to prevent him from getting his knot into me. The only reason I do this is because it is too large (nearly the size of my fist) and I once got a bit hurt when he pulled it out early, so I won’t take it again until I have practiced with toys and know I can take the girth.

After a few moments he stops humping and I can feel his knot pulsing in my hand, the tip of his cock twitching as he sprays bits of cum into me. His paws have loosened their grip and he is leaning forward, resting all of his weight on my back. His paw twitches with the same pulse as his cock and I know he is in the middle of orgasm. He stays like this for a bit, totally relaxed and basically laying on top of me before he gets a little burst of energy and tries to turn so we are rump to rump. This is where it always gets tricky, and I am grateful that his knot is in my hand and we aren’t really tied. I keep my grip as he throws one hind leg over my back, and without his weight atop me any longer I can relax a bit, lowering my chest to the floor while I am still up on my knees and holding him inside me.

For a long time we stay this way, him occasionally pulling in the other direction until I relent and scooch back with him- and the sunlight falls through the window just so, and I feel like it is moments like this that are just so perfect, I wish things could stay this way forever- pleasant, but in a relaxed sort of way. Eventually his knot shrinks a bit and he begins pulling away, turning to lick at my hands and I let go, his cock swinging forward so he can clean it as his cum pours out of me, streaming down my legs and leaving a wetness behind. I sit on our blanket and watch him cleaning himself until his penis slides back into it’s sheath and he comes over to attend to me, licking my pussy and cleaning our juices off of me.

I am hoping that by the end of the year I will be able to finally take his knot, to feel him truly filling me with everything he has got, but for now this is just fine <33

So just come and love me like we’re gonna die