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“Canine Chain-Bang” Video and Gotti Mounts His Dam (That’s Mom in Dog-Speak)

Friday, November 1st, 2013


Okay, I just HAD to share this. I admit, I woke up this morning and I just really wanted to get off but my doggies were kinda tired still (it’s early!) so I decided to look up videos of dogs mating on YouTube.

The white dog in this video is a horny little minx- you can see how she keeps begging to be mounted and is flagging the other dogs. When the horny tan dog stops humping her to mount a merle and white longhair, she goes ahead and starts humping that dog’s head! Before long the tan dog is on her again though. This video made me cum so hard, I just had to show it!


The other one I was watching is a video of a really muscular blue pitbull mating with his mom. You can see how enthusiastic he is, really going at her like crazy! She is on a breeding bench but it’s more for stability- she would’ve fallen over if not for that! Her head is free and she’s smiling and happy, not in the least bothered. I really like the soundtrack to that one too, I love rap :)




Wolf-Brother Manga Translated by JuicyBrucie

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


Here is a wonderful comic about a girl who is a ‘wolf-child’ which means that she is basically a hybrid between human and wolf who can transform into either form. At some point she decides to begin attending human form and does not want to transform into a wolf anymore, basically rejecting that half of her inner-nature. Her brother Rain on the other hand becomes more wolf than human.

Here is the story of how Rain conquered his sister’s protests when he forced her to accept him sexually as a wolf. What starts out as basically a rape becomes a wonderful night for both of them as she climaxes right when he shoots his load of hot wolf cum right into his human sister’s tight pussy. She can barely fit his cock in at first and thinks it will hurt her but by the end of it she is begging him not to stop!

If you like this comic, please thank JuicyBrucie from Beast Forum, as he is the one who was so kind to translate it and send it to me so that I could share it with all of you here.

If anyone has any comics, artwork, or stories that they think are a good representation of bestiality and zoophilia feel free to share them!

Planet of the Dogs Part Three

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012



Here’s part three of the ongoing saga Planet of the Dogs. Getting sexier and kinkier! If you want the next part to come out right away instead of waiting for it, just use the donate link and send 3$


It was impossible to know how long the days and nights would be on this planet without some time to observe so the group decided to venture back out sooner rather than later, deciding to gather whatever Eric said would be edible so they could come back into Destiny for the night and sleep in the beds within their cabins rather than some leaf pile on the ground. Amazing, how a multi-million dollar machine could turn into little more than a big mobile home in such a short amount of time, but such is life.
Everyone had a large backpack and with Eric leading the way they gathered as many of the berries as they could, pulling great handfuls out of the tangles of ivy where it grew. Higher in the trees, fruit could be seen. It was massive yellow fruit that looked almost like bananas but were growing in pairs rather than bunches and had to be at least one pound each. Everyone looked up at them hungrily, wishing for the much larger and more filling meal that the fruit seemed to promise, but they couldn’t reach that high into the trees and were loath to eat something off of the ground when they knew so little about whether disease and bacteria were an issue in this new world.
When each of them had their bags half full, they were too heavy to reasonably keep lugging around anymore. They stopped for a moment, sitting in the dirt to discuss whether they should dump off their haul in Destiny and then keep picking more or just eat what they had for the night.
Suddenly Brandy heard a rustling noise to her left, between the group and their ship. Her eyes grew wide with fear and her expression was enough to capture the attention of the other two, who froze and looked in the direction of the bushes. Slowly, a group of people began to emerge from the shadows of the foliage. There were four individuals, just enough to outnumber the astronauts but not enough to seem like a deliberate attack. They stood with their hands at their sides, holding nothing. In their eyes shone an excitement, a recognition, but they said not a word.
By the time they had entered the clearing, Sally had her bag gripped tightly in one hand, looking as though she were ready to swing it at the head of the first person to approach her. She had her lips pulled back from her teeth in a silent animalistic snarl, and rasped out, “Eric, what the FUCK are people doing here?!”
Eric was similarly posed, but he had dropped the bag and had his fists raised, legs planted in a fighting stance. “I don’t know. This doesn’t make any sense. They must’ve crashed here before… maybe their ship got stranded. Jesus Christ, those fucking space shuttles they keep reporting damaged… blown up or something… we feel safe, like that could never happen to us because we have all these fucking safety features… if that’s just a cover for them disappearing and winding up stranded like this, my god,” he shivered, a chill running up his spine that made him want to retch.
Brandy was still staring at the people. “Hello,” she said, pausing a moment before going on. “Hello? My name is Brandy, what is your name? How did you get here?”
The people stared at her, their eyebrows furrowed in the center and frowns on their faces. They tried to gesture with their hands but it all seemed nonsense to her. The leader, if the most well-fed guy standing in the center was indeed their leader, pointed to the three stripes painted on his chest. He then pointed to the oldest woman in the group, to a circle painted around the left nipple of her large, pendulous breasts. The other two members of the group had similar painted symbols, one line on the youngest man’s chest and a very thick jagged line on the chest of a third man.
“Those must be their names,” Eric said grimly, “or what passes as a name in their society. I don’t think they can talk or they would have by now. Clearly they want to communicate with us.”
Eric reached down, opening his bag and showing the strangers the wealth of berries inside. A broad grin broke out on all of their faces, showing crooked and yellowed teeth. The corners of their eyes crinkled up in delight and they walked over, scooping up the berries in their hands and making an excited ‘huh-huhhuh’ sound that was no more a word than the grunting noises of a horse or pig.
Each person took only a few handfuls, smiling as they ate and continuing to make excited noises, grunting and slapping their hands against their thighs. After a few moments of this, they headed partway back the way they had come, looking back at the crew. Their sun-browned skin was tough from exposure and it was impossible to determine what race they belonged to, so leathery was their skin and so much had their body types changed from the traveling in the forest and working for their livelihood. These primitive-looking people waited, watching the astronauts and not moving any further on.
When Eric realized what was happening, he was excited. They were waiting for him and the rest of the crew! These people had clearly been living out here for years at the very least. If anyone would be able to give him a chance at survival, it was these forest people who knew the land and its intricacies. He took a bold step forward, watching the leader smile. From that point he knew, these people wanted to help. They were asking the astronauts to come with them.
“Brandy, Sally, they’re inviting us to follow them. Look at their skin, look at the way they are muscled. They live out here and have been for a long time. If we want to survive, these are the only people to show us how. Come on.”
Grimly, Sally strode forward. She was clearly not happy about the idea of going off with four wild people, three of them men, but she also didn’t want to be alone with Brandy facing whatever horrors may come in the night. She took Brandy’s hand in hers, giving it a reassuring squeeze and took the first step forward into her new life.
*    *    *
The next few days were spent in the village of the wild people. There were more than four of them: upon arriving at their settlement it was clear that those who had come were the explorers, the people who faced each difficult new situation and then went directly to the leader, dancing and gesturing to try and communicate whether there had been an attack or good fortune. Obviously not much information could be exchanged in that way but at least the people knew whether they were safe or not. After spending some time there, the astronauts began to realize that most of the gestures did not even have real meanings: all they did was communicate emotion, direction (by pointing), and sometimes something like movement in the form of moving your hands back and forth either together or in a contrasting way. They began to tell the villagers how they felt, as well as showing fear and gesturing when they saw movement in a bush or heard a noise.
All in all, things were going well. An elderly man simply left his little dwelling to let the group move in and he walked straight into the hut of a family, being welcomed as though he were one of their own, which for all the space crew knew he very well may be but it was even more likely that no one was sure who was related to whom and they just all considered each other one big family.
As the village people had no clothes, there were some awkward situations initially. The large, free-swinging genitals of the men would sometimes brush up against anyone close by them whether gathering food, starting a fire, or repairing a hole in one of the roof huts when it rained. They were not shy about this and would smile broadly at whomever was so surprised as to react to this, and more often than not their cock would stiffen at the attention, boldly poking the leg or back of whoever they were working with. While some of the villagers had thick pubic hair that all but obscured their genitals, some of them were basically hairless and their smooth skin gleamed in the sunlight, more free than any westerners could be in modern society.
The women too went naked all of the time and their bodies were a constant distraction to Eric. He was enamored of their large breasts and loved the variety: going without bras meant that all of the very young women had perky breasts, nipples pointing straight out and a lot of bounce accompanying every movement, whereas the middle aged women were more filled out, with larger tits that looked heavy, another sort of perfect. He could imagine squeezing their chests, nipples pressed into the center of his palm while he kneaded their soft skin and buried his face in between the twin mounds.
Even better was their lack of pants. Imagine trying to be a productive member of society and all around you women are bending over, their big rounded asses merely inches from your face, and yet they don’t get shy about it. They are comfortable with their own bodies and look back at you and smile. Every time you turn your head there is another pussy, little bud of a clit and plump juicy lips uncovered, ready and waiting for your cock….
Soon he too was constantly walking around sporting an erection, loving the new society that he had found himself in. This, he could get used to. Still, he was not yet ready to take off his clothes and really get into the swing of village life as far as culture was concerned. The women too had their reservations. As much as they wanted to feel the sun against their bodies, tan their hips and feel the breeze against their nipples, they only elected to go braless, breasts swinging free beneath their t-shirts, and wore short-shorts that showed the bottoms of their asses, barely covering them at all but still offering that little piece of a society that had been their entire lives.
Things went on like this for many days until one day the villagers began screaming, gathering whatever clubs and sticks they had around and heading toward the center of the village. Eric, Brandy and Sally joined them, fearful for their lives and without the slightest idea what sort of danger faced them. They had nothing in their hands, having simply followed the others who ran toward the perceived shelter in the middle of the village, and now they were sorry that there was nothing within reach that they could use to defend themselves.
Suddenly a terrible snarling sound could be heard, joined by many more snarls, all joining into a hellish chorus that made Brandy’s blood run cold. She would know that sound anywhere… dogs. As a child she had loved dogs, but after being bitten by her grandmother’s Labrador Retriever she had become so afraid that she refused to be in the same room as a dog. Now, however…
The villagers clustered closer together and the dogs came into sight, an enormous group of them, easily twenty at least. They were all large, various breeds all in one big group. There was a German Shepherd, a Doberman, a Saint Bernard, a Great Dane, a Schnauzer, and many others. All of them had their lips pulled back from their teeth menacingly and six of them had poles upon their backs with little metal nooses slipped through them, which Brandy recognized as the rabies poles used to control dangerous dogs.
The villagers were grunting now, deeply and with plenty of emotion as though in an attempt to warn the animals away, but a sound rose from behind the villagers, another deep and guttural growl, and at that point everyone’s hearts seemed to stop beating and drop into their stomachs. They were without hope. The dogs were large, each as big as a man, and intermittently one of them would break rank to snap at the humans, raking their sharp teeth against an arm or a leg, warning what would happen if the people tried to resist.
One man raised his club, bringing it down across the nose of a Malamute, catching the wolf-like dog with a powerful blow. It seemed for a moment as though the humans might have hope of retaliating but three dogs immediately swarmed the man, viciously biting him and pushing him to the ground, stepping away only when he was laying there, shaking in fear. His injuries were not bad but he got the message: if not for their mercy, those dogs could have killed him.
The dogs with the poles on their backs began walking through the crowd and soon spotted the pale group of astronauts. Their eyes gleamed in delight. Suddenly, a voice spoke out, making them all jump.
“Ah,” said the voice, “look what we have here… pale humans.”
Hearing the word humans, they all suddenly looked around and realized that the voice was coming from a Belgian Malinois, a dog looking similar to a German Shepherd but with a stronger body and a tan coat with a black face. He looked stern and was clearly in no mood for their antics.
“Oh damn!” Sally screamed, “What the fuck, a talking dog?”
This brought a chorus of voices from the other dogs, all of them angry and speaking in fast, clipped tones.
“She talks!” “The human has a voice!” “We haven’t seen a talker in ages!”
At this the astronauts began looking left and right, seeing the large powerful animals and becoming even more afraid now that they knew these angry, strong canines were also intelligent and probably cunning as well.
Eric tried to speak up and gain some semblance of authority. “Look, we don’t want any trouble. If this is your territory we will leave and go somewhere else. We came here by accident and just stopped for food.”
Again the dogs began howling and yelling, suddenly realizing that all of these pale outsiders could talk. They could smell that these humans were different, had smells on them unlike the smells of the wild people, and they closed in on the group, surrounding them and the nearest forest people in an ever-tighter circle. The dogs with the rabies poles on their backs flipped them down, holding the noose parts out toward the people.
“You’re coming with us. Put your heads in the loops, remain calm, and you will be fine.”
When no one complied and the forest people just looked on in angry confusion muddled with fear, the Boxer behind one of the aboriginal women head butted her in the rear, causing her to fall forward, arms outstretched, so that her head landed in the loop and she fell to her hands and knees. The dog with the pole instantly tightened the loop so that she could not get away and then held it tightly.
The other aboriginals, seeing this, tried to fight back and were met with snarls and flashing teeth, which scared them so badly that they fell to the ground, grunting and kicking, but they were unscathed and when again the loops were held forward they put their heads into them and remained still, relaxing slightly after a moment when nothing more happened to them.
“You humans have seen how powerful we are,” the Belgian Malinois said, directing his speech at Eric and Sally who seemed the most cognizant. “Come with us. We will give you food and take you to our civilization, but we will not leave you here. We will do whatever we have to do to get you into these leads, and if you resist things will only be more trouble for you, as we still get what we want either way, but I would rat not hurt you unless it becomes necessary.”
Brandy began crying and tried to run, turning on her heel and sprinting as fast as she could. Eric and Sally were amazed and almost took off as well until they saw Brandy, who had been outrunning the surprised canine captors, trip on the uneven ground and fall. Immediately she was swarmed with dogs and a Golden Retriever grabbed her by the back of her shirt, careful not to dig his teeth into her skin, and dragged her back to the group, holding her still so that her head could be slipped into the loop of a big Black Lab’s rabies pole.
Seeing that there was no way out of this and nothing that they could do, Eric and Sally bowed their heads in a gesture of acceptance. They would not move toward the pole but remained still, allowing the loops to be slipped over their head with dignity. All six poles bearing a human, the dogs began to pull them toward where they had entered the camp, pulling them firmly but gently along.
“Where are you taking us?” Sally asked, an edge of distaste in her voice.
“We are going to the city, Boneswood, the nearest place to here. It is where we set off from, but then afterward we shall head to Great Parks, our capitol.”
“Boneswood? Oh my god, what are you going to do, kill us?” Brandy was nearly screeching, tears streaming down her cheeks. One of her shoes had come off, exposing her delicate and well-arched foot, and her shirt had ripped when the Golden Retriever carried her off and now hung in tatters, covering only one breast while the other was fully exposed, her large brownish-pink nipple visible even in the darkness, a lone splotch of color on her milky white skin.
The dog laughed, not unkindly, “We are DOGS. Boneswood has nothing to do with death or harm. It is not a bad place, probably a lot like the town you come from. We named it after bones because dogs love bones, and what dog doesn’t like the woods?”
His remark seemed to put them at ease and the rest of the walk went well enough for a several hour trudge through wilderness in the dark. When at last they arrived in town, they were nearly delirious from lack of sleep and their vision was so blurred that it was beginning to get difficult telling the dogs apart.
They were led into a holding cell and left there with the wild people, given large chunks of meat and a huge pan of water from which they were all expected to drink, and then they were left alone for the rest of the night. Almost immediately after eating and drinking their fill they all huddled against the wall and fell asleep, sitting up and ready to try and bolt if given the opportunity.
*    *    *
The next morning they awaken to sounds outside of the window of their cell. All of them awoke around the same time, just as the sun was coming up. Barking could be heard, and they looked out to see the strangest and most incredible thing that any of them could have imagined. There were plenty of dogs outside, but these dogs all had humans on leashes.


Young people, old men and women, even a couple of children! Even more surprising, the people did not struggle, nor did any of them look upset. Some were intently focused on other humans they were passing, straining at their leashes to get close and touch one another’s faces. They were all naked, breasts and cocks swinging freely beneath them as they crawled around, looking at things of interest such as other people and dogs, a few stuffed animals and balls of all types on the ground: soccer balls, basket balls, foot balls.
There were a few humans walking upright, but these seemed the most unusual of all. Not only were they looking back repeatedly at the dogs walking them, they also were ignoring the other humans unless the talking dogs called them over to see a ‘friend’, and they weren’t pulling on their leashes or stopping to investigate everything that they saw on the ground either. In essence, they were given the privilege of walking upright so that they could see more things further off in the distance, but only because they were so well behaved.
Many of the leashed women passing by were in varying stages of pregnancy, their breasts swollen and full of milk, some even dripping it onto the pavement. Some had just a little baby bump while others were so far along that they had enormous round stomachs with the skin stretched taught over their smooth, hard bellies.
For half an hour the people stood and watched, the astronauts talking among themselves while the wild people simply looked on in wonder. After about thirty minutes, they saw something that put the entire situation into perspective. A well-fed woman with long, silky dark blonde hair was stopped at the end of her leash and meeting another human. He was a man with a shaved head and a very muscular body, and when she neared and stroked his face he tried to circle around behind her, putting his hands on his hips and attempting to line up his cock with her pussy.
“Ah, nope you two!” The spotted hound leading the woman said as he pulled her away. “She’s not to be having sex with people right now, but it is good to know she’s receptive. Thank you for having him meet with her.”
The Collie leading the man nodded, gently pulling back on the man’s leash and petting his head. “Good boy, now come on, she can’t play right now.” Reaching down, the Collie began stroking the man’s cock which was already standing straight up. “Let’s get you home and I will take care of that, it’s too hot out here for me. Dang, I guess I will have to get my hair cut eventually if we keep spending so much time out. Summer’s a bitch isn’t it?”
The man smiled and looked up at the Collie, clearly appreciating his master’s attention to his cock. Eagerly he followed the big shaggy canine back home, wherever that was.
Meanwhile the hound was stroking his woman under her chin, cooing to her. “Good girl, goooood girl Chichi, aren’t you just darling. You’re in heat, huh girl?”
The woman closed her eyes and enjoyed his petting, looking up as soon as he stopped. The spotted dog gently scratched her above her rump, grinning when she pushed her lower back up to meet his hand and turned to display herself. She pointed her pussy straight at him, looking over her shoulder quizzically to see if he would respond, and respond he did.
The tip of his cock was showing from within his sheath, glistening with wetness. The self-lubricating anatomy of a dog means that he probably would have slid comfortable into her even if she weren’t wet, but based on her reactions she was ready. The hound wrapped his paws around her waist and began thrusting, the tip of his cock poking her lightly until he found his mark and immediately pushed forward, grinding his hips against her ass cheeks and shoving his red dog dick as deeply into her as possible.
She threw her head back, moaning loudly enough to be heard from within the holding cell where the humans were being kept. They watched silently with rapt attention, jaws slack, as they saw the dog humping vigorously, pumping his cock within her cunt until after a time he remained still, resting his head atop her back and closing his eyes. This went on for some time, with her getting restless and rocking back against him to keep the stimulation going. When apparently he’d had enough, he climbed off of her back, turning around so that they were ass-to-ass like two dogs.
Her lack of fur meant that for the first time the humans actually got to see exactly why dogs remain locked like that. They could see about half an inch of his pink dick connecting them, having apparently turned backward and remaining inside of her. His tail was draped over her back, seeming to give her comfort with his touch.
Again they remained still for a few minutes until his cock slipped out of her, having shrunken down in size after his orgasm. He turned to lick at her pussy, lapping up his own cum off of her private lips and inner thighs. After this he nuzzled and petted her and then the two went off, walking side by side, as though this were totally ordinary. In a world ruled by dogs, it is the canine behaviors, not the human ones, that set the standards for society.

Now There’s Some Sexy Doggies!!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Bully Kuttas are a very powerful and imposing breed. I love their strength and stature. Long, sexy video for those whi enjoy the buff and strong canines!

Dog Sex in Every Position

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I always find cool things online and looking at YouTube today was no exception. There’s these two playful, horny huskies that mount each other from every position and keep switching back and forth. It’s cute and pretty hot, made me wet seeing it. I wanna play too, doggies!

Courtship Behaviors of the Domestic Dog

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Bit of an introduction at the Dog Park


Breeding Seasons and the Unique Male Dog

Dogs are different from most other species because the male and female do not match their breeding drives to one another. In some animals, such as human beings and mice, males and females may breed all throughout the year. In species like wolves, there is only a certain time of year for breeding and even the males will not be very sexual or frisky outside of that time.

Dogs are different- the females tend to be accepting of sexual activity only while in heat (unless they are very experienced sexually, in which case they may offer themselves other times of year). The male dog does not go into a ‘reproductive rest’ phase like the female, however, and this means his sex drive is active all year long, even if female dogs are not.

This is part of the reason dogs tend to display seemingly random sexual behaviors- such as mounting inanimate objects or other animals much more commonly than most other creatures do. Think about it- dogs attempt to hump couch cushions, peoples’ legs, and cats much more often then you see felines or other animals doing these things.

Other animals will initiate non-reproductive sex or masturbation too, just not as commonly as the male domestic dog does.


Bitch standing and displaying her genitals, which are enlarged due to her being in her heat cycle

When is Heat?

The fact that dogs live mostly indoors means that their bodies are not under the direct influence of the shortening or lengthening of the days as the year goes on, nor are they facing feast and famine. For the most part, their heat cycles can seem fairly random to us.

Most female dogs will go into heat some time around spring and then again around fall, but this is not the case for every dog. Climate plays a part, as does nutrition and even the individual bitch in question. Some will go into heat as often as three times per year, so there can be no definitive answer, only loose guidelines for what to expect.


Males will try to get close and appeal to the female, but she won't be willing to mate right away


During pro-estrus (means ‘the pre-frenzy’) the bitch may become restless and wander about or pace. She will begin drinking more and urinating more, and it is common for them to purposely begin ‘marking’ prominent spots in the yard or neighborhood to advertise their condition and let males know they will soon be ready for breeding.

Males sniff the urine eagerly, raising their heads and gazing off in concentration. They become aroused and will attempt to find the female, whom they can smell from a long way off.

The pro-estrus period lasts about nine days and dogs will pursue her if at all possible, gathering around and hoping to get a chance to mate with her. At this time she will also want the attention and company of other dogs and may even try to break free and get to her suitors, but she does not yet accept penetration because she is not ovulating and could not get pregnant yet.

It is at this time you see why the female is called a bitch. She is appealing to the other dogs and may attempt to frolic or play with them, but if a male tries to mount her or shows too much interest in her rear end, she may whirl and viciously growl, attack, chase, threaten, or even bite him.

A less aggressive female would run away or whirl around when the male tries to mount. Some female have it figured out that they can simply sit down to prevent a male from breeding.


Comparison showing how much larger and more protruding the vulva is during the heat cycle. Found on


The Bitch’s Discharge

The bitch will have begun secreting discharge from her vagina which makes her especially appealing to male dogs, and they will eagerly sniff and lick her if given the chance. By the time secretions have become noticeable, her genitals will be sensitive and swollen due to increased blood flow into the area.

The discharge may become bloody, but she is not ‘menstruating’. Menstruation occurs if the female is not pregnant as her body breaks down and disposes of the uterine lining. This is not the case with a bitch in heat- her body is simply preparing for the possibility of pregnancy.


It is common for a pack of male dogs to surround the female's home or yard and wait for her to come out or even try to get in for a chance to mate


Why Attract Males So Early?

It may seem strange at first that the female sends out so many enticing signals only to reject the male if he tries to mate with her so soon, but the reason she does this is because she is trying to attract a large number of males. When lots of dogs are around the female in heat, they will compete amongst themselves and stronger males will tend to fight the weaker dogs which can injure them or scare them away.

This helps to bring the bitch a population of strong, healthy, confident males in number while reducing the number of less desirable mates.


The Actual Estrus Period

The bitch’s estrus period itself lasts around nine days. Her discharge becomes more clear and watery at the time she is ready for mating.

Even at this point in time, she may be very choosy about who she will or won’t breed with.

Her behavior with the males is different now. She will run toward the suitor, then retreat. Then back to him, then retreat. If this does not motivate him enough or he does not understand the signal, she may try harder and prance around him, pawing at him or striking at him with her forelegs, even perhaps mounting him.

When he catches on the male gives chase and they race about, eventually they come together for sniffing. First is intense nose-to-nose sniffing, ear licking, ear nibbling, and other attention to the face. Then there is nose-to-rump sniffing which is more intense on the male’s end as he is very interested in her smell and sexual condition.

Before the male mounts he will usually do an ‘acceptance check’ where he comes up to the bitch from the side and rests his chin over her back to see how she reacts. If she stands still and does not move away he will pivot his rear around to mount her.



Flagging is when the female holds her tail to the side, signalling she wants to mate

The Bitch’s Role In Mating

Unlike what some may think, the female is not simply a passive party to breeding. If the male is one she likes, she will do everything she can to help him penetrate her. As he examined her during courtship, she will have been ‘standing’ for him- being still and calm, then given him the signal to breed. When she wants to be mounted, she will ‘flag’ which is the act of swinging her tail to the side and exposing her genitals.

When the dog mounts and begins thrusting, he can have difficulty finding her genitals. After all, he is looking up over the back of her head, not down at what he is doing, and only the movement of his body is directing the penis. He hasn’t got the ability to guide it by hand. Her help is very useful here as she moves her rear end a little left, a little right, up a bit, down a bit, whatever is required.

Male dogs will sometimes grab the scruff of the female’s neck for balance. A willing bitch will not protest this, and she will remain calm and still.




Domestic dogs are obviously less discriminating than wild animals when it comes to sexual partners. You probably wouldn't see a wolf mount and hump a dead deer.

Differences Due to Domestication

The courtship process of the domestic dog is similar to the rituals performed by wolves. The signals and actions are very much alike with the exception of success and time taken. The courtship of the average canine pair is much shorter than that of a wolf and in domestic dogs, courtship is more likely to end in penetration and mating.

Dogs are much less discriminating about mating than wolves are. Yes there are dogs who will refuse to mate a dog they are not interested in even if it is the only one around, but generally in even a small group they can find an acceptable mate. Wolves are more selective and have very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to what partner they are willing to breed with.

Foreplay Doggy’s Way – Flirting and Erogenous Zones

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

This Bernese Mountain Dog is enjoying getting his chest rubbed

Chest Rubbing

Everyone knows dogs like petting, but there are certain kinds that are more enjoyable to them than others. Most male dogs really enjoy having their chest scratched down low right between their front legs.

The reason for this is that when a male dog mounts a female and begins thrusting, his chest will rub to and fro against her back in a rhythmic manner, and this is pleasurable to him. Basically, it’s an erogenous zone.

Behind the Ears, Please!

Rubbing or gently scratching a dog behind the ears has a similar effect, and many dogs are quite fond of attention here, whether they be male or female. That is because ear sniffing, licking, and nibbling are all part of canine courtship, so they help get your dog turned on as well as facilitate bonding.

Gentle Roughhousing

Play is also greatly exciting to many dogs, and is one of the easiest and most common ways to get your male riled up and ready to mount. Starting to play with your dog (say tug of war or chase) and then gently pushing him away will build up his anticipation and make him more excited.

If he is in the mood for this kind of play, the gentle shove at his chest will cause him to jump forward again, allowing the game to continue or inviting you to gently push him again. If he gets more excited, he may start to mouth at your hands or arms and allow you to gently grab at his jaw and rub his head. The longer this continues, the more excited most dogs will get.

Just be sure that if he gets shy you back off some- different dogs like different degrees of intensity during play. One may like a gentle push as though you’re barely touching him while another wants you to use all of your strength and push him back while he bounds forward and jumps or paws at you.

Wild Sex: Elk Threesome

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

A little pre-sex snack

While it may not be as common in animals, there certainly are instances of threesomes happening out in the wild. These three elk were eating apples in a backyard in Sweden when one of the males mounted the female, who proceeded to sniff and lick the other male’s rear. It is unusual for elk to mate in a residential area, but that didn’t stop this trio. Nor did the fact that they were about two weeks late for the end of mating season!

Getting to know each other

Public Elk Threesome

Sex Advice from Richard F. Stratton and LexxiStray

Monday, October 24th, 2011

This crew certainly doesn't need any help getting the mechanics of sex figured out!


The information in bold was gathered from the original source and pertains to dog-to-dog matings. The information below it explains how this applies to interspecies sex between canines and humans.


The bold information is from “The Rottweiler” and is the dog-breeding advice of Richard F. Stratton. The advice in normal font is my own adaptation, for humans and their canine lovers.


The first sign of menstruation in bitches is the ‘menarche’. It consists of reddish discharge and swelling of the vulva. It usually occurs between eight and ten months, however it can sometimes occur as early as six months or as late as a year-and-a-half. You should not breed your female until her second or third heat.

When your bitch comes into heat for the first time, she is still growing. A stray dog could possibly end up mating and even getting pregnant at that time but she is not mature yet and should not have sex until she has finished growing at around a year or two. Her second or third cycle is the best indication.

After this most bitches will come into heat about every six months. The duration of lighting, health of the bitch, and her diet an all affect the timing of her heat cycles and cause them to be average bi-annually dog ones or lengthy one year cycle like wolves.

Adult bitches without sexual experience will often be uninterested when they are not in heat. By waiting for their heat cycle to occur, you will find her to be more receptive and even downright insistent on attentions.

This is a good time for people who are interested in trying gently fingering the bitch or performing oral on her. Once she comes to know the sensation she may be interested other times of year.


The male’s penis actually contains a bone inside it and behind this is the knot, called ‘copus cavernosum’. The bitch’s vaginal sphincter ‘spincter cunni’ will grasp this and help them to tie. The prolonged, locking-together is unusual in mammals but many other species have a locking mechanism.

Humans also have a sphincter cunni, much like the female dog. Usually it tends to be a bit more relaxed – in vaginismus (a medical condition) it locks down involuntarily, which can cause discomfort because when two humans have sex there tends to be a lot of friction and the muscles tightening can make this unpleasant.

With that exception, the muscles tend to remain relaxed, locking down when we engage them or during orgasm.


Once the male has penetrated the female, pressure on the base of the penis causes a reflex action that enlarges the knot. It can swell up to five times its original size within the female.

Sometimes you will see a male mounting and humping but never locking with the female. He may hop off and on or try to reposition himself. This is because he has not managed to penetrate far enough to push his sheath back over his penis. Once he does, the pressure behind his knot (either from his sheath or her vagina) will cause it to enlarge and he will start to calm down a bit.

Sometimes the male will become so aroused and excited that his knot may swell within the sheath. Once it does you cannot try to slide it out, as that could be uncomfortable. Simply let him relax and lick himself and his erection will go down.

It is always best to see his knot fully enlarged before every attempting sex with the dog. Some have knots which are in excess of 9 inches around, which is more than many people can take! It is much more common however for them to be from 5-7 inches around, but you always want to be sure so you do not find yourself in discomfort later if he manages to get his knot inside you, especially if he ends up pulling it out.

Here's to many happy endings, and the cuddle time that follows

Featured Artist of the Week – Unknown Okami Artist

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

While looking for this week’s Featured Artist I found some really amazing Okami themed images, but nowhere could I find the artist’s name. They were clearly done following Japanese censorship rules with Sumi brushstroke bars. Still, they were some of the most beautiful and interesting ones I came across and I could not resist posting them. There are both canine x canine and canine x girl here.

If anyone knows, or thinks they might know, the artist I would be glad to find out who it was :)